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I never seem to be done with these strategy games, they just keep you hooked on to ur PC. 2 days back downloaded the trial of Age of Empires 3 and Civilization 4. A03 sucks and somehow didnt like the look and feel, the gameplay hasn't changed much other than the addition of home city concept. I feel AOE2 was much better than this. Anway need to get the full version before delivering the final verdict.
I played the civilization for the first time, never had a look at the older versions. Took a little bit of time to understand the turn based approach of the gameplay, the tutorial was pretty decent, however the bad part of the trial was that after 1hr of gameplay, the application automatically closes and the browser pops asking you to buy the full version -(
So I went back to my older favourite games
Caesar 3 and Rise of nations. Caesar is an amazing game and it just keeps you hooked on..
rise of nations is also pretty cool and one of the creators of this game is also involved in Civilization !

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  • Vinay May 3, 2006 Link

    Still playing C3?