Google Finance


I discovered few months back that you could type in a stock “code” in google search it shows up with the latest stock quote as the first search result. For e.g. If you search GOOG in google, the first result will be the stock quote of Google !.

It also sets up link to Yahoo finance, MSN money control etc. Last week, google added its own finance portal
It gives you the latest news and how each news item affected the stock price. And there are other standard sections such as company summary, company facts, financials etc. The management section is interesting, it has links from which you can check up their compensation and the trading activities.

I began to think that if Google is listed in Nasdaq, it should have a corporate portal which should provide information to the investors as well !. When you go to there is no link for the corporate site !!
Finally I searched in google iteself for the corportate web site and it gave me :

The information here is again typical google style. The milestones section was pretty interesting. Do read it completely !

I searched for some nice company pictures and found none. Again I used google search to find some googleplex pictures. I found a lot of picutres..embeeded a few down here: