Sony Ericsson Rocks !

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Recently I happened to see a flash of the new Sony Ericsson mobile phones displayed in CeBIT2006. I also happenedto see a program in CNBC where the CeBIT was covered. The host of the show checked the nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson booths. His final verdict was “Sony Ericsson Rocks !”. He thought that the best phone in the show was the Sony Ericsson W950


I have stuck to the view that Sony Ericsson makes the best mobile phones and my Nokia buddies have always begged to differ. Agreed Nokia does bring out with a new phone “every day”. But the features build and most important the cost to feature provided by Sony Ericsson is amazing


Check out some of the other phones (which I liked)








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  • Prashanth Apr 24, 2006 Link

    Hey dont trust this guy….
    He is a secret brand ambassador for Sony Ericcson and he misleads people.

    Haha… just joking…
    Even i’m one one of those proud Sony Ericcson T630 owner. Thanks to Venu!.

  • Venu Apr 24, 2006 Link

    Hey Prashanth,
    I believe its time you upgraded from that model 🙂

  • Vishwas Apr 26, 2006 Link

    Hey buddy,

    I think Prashanth’s absolutely right. Goofy, u should definitely get a gift package from Sony for illegally marketing their products.

  • venukb Apr 26, 2006 Link

    howdappa.. by the way.. whatz illegal antha ?

  • vvs May 31, 2006 Link

    hi venu,

    I also promote your idea that Sony Ericsson Rocks. I too feel the voice as well as the display characterestics of Sony Ericsson are heart touching rather than the models of Nokia or any other. But i still doubt why competetors like Samsung, LG who give multiple functionalities in their models at low cost (i think), people are not goin for that. Are their features not good at what they say to be good, I don’t know. But clearly i also think its Sony Ericsson which is providing users real multimedia rather than others……..

    Anyway its my own personal opinion even i m using Nokia mobile….. 😉