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I have stuck to Blogger for blogging for quite some time. Very few people know that I have a synchronized blog at Now I am seriously contemplating on a move to wordpress due to number of reasons. WordPress is pretty powerful and allows tagging and categorizing of blogs. And again if someday I have my own domain, wordpress provides a very convienient way to move the blog to my own server. And there is a nice search feature and I dont need to rely on google. I really think this search is needed as my blog grows bigger and bigger. I guess blogger was intended for people who dont anything about web posting. I guess its pretty good for a entry level. As now I guess I have entered the “intermediate” level and now ready to play with PHP -) And best of all, it wordpress provides a import facility, which can import all the blogs+comments. Nice isn’t it. So if your have this link in your favourites don’t forget it to change to Categorizes should definitely help you in selecting the blogs of your interest -)

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  • Pradeep Apr 24, 2006 Link

    namaskaara maga…
    cool 2 find u blogging…
    but seriously tell me, yenaadru google ninge pay maaDthidhaara 4 ur posts abt them?? 🙂 )
    do come out of tech world and blog something diff…
    ur ‘positioning’ blog was good…though i am still wondering @ the title! 🙂