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As mentioned in my previous post, I  moved my blog to wordpress. However later I found that the functionality provided in wordpress.com was very limited compared to functionaly provided by wordpress.org.

In wordpress.com, your blog is hosted free by WordPress (like Blogger), but you cannot add extra themes or plugins. You can only select from the one’s provided by wordpress.

So in order to use the full functionality of wordpress you need to host it on your own server. From many days I was thinking of registering a domain. However the “cost” factor made me think many times.

So I decided to bear the “cost” and registered my own domain


Also I have used wordpress.org to host my blog www.venukb.com/blog

The setup of the site was pretty easy, the details of which will be posted soon 🙂

 So go ahead and explore www.venukb.com , and don’t forget to give your feedback. 

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  • Raminder Singh Sep 12, 2007 Link

    I am regular visitor of your blog. Tell me whats good article to move blog to new domain. and initially how much space we need on our domain to start blog? i have one domain with 20 MB space. Should I go for 1/2 GB?

  • Venu Sep 12, 2007 Link

    Thanks Raminder for keeping a tab on my site. Most of the hosting that you go for comes with atleast 5GB space which is more than enough.

    My intial hosting with Godaddy costed around 3$/month which isn’t too expensive. Checkout Bluehost also along with Godaddy.