Get Yahoo Mail Beta !!


I read in digg on a way to enable the Yahoo Mail Beta !

Here is the procedure explained again (in case you have not clicked on the digg link)

1. Login to your yahoo mail box

2. Go to Options -> Account Information

3. Go to Member Information->General Preferences->Preferred Content

4. Choose either of these 3 options

  • Yahoo UK
  • Yahoo German
  • Yahoo France

When I tried, I didn’t find the UK in the list and I had to select “German”. The text does change to some weird characters , but I guess you can manage if you know the UI of yahoo pretty well.

5. Logout from Yahoo and login.

6. You will be prompted to “Join the Yahoo Beta”. Say yes.

7. Go back to the preference page and set the Preferred Content back to your “preferred choice”

The new yahoo mail uses AJAX (like Gmail) and the response is pretty fast. The look and feel is outlookish and has a integrated RSS feed reader.

Check this image !

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  • allan May 4, 2006 Link

    thanks for the tip on how to get yahoo mail beta.

  • sharad Aug 22, 2006 Link

    i want yahoo mail beta

  • trichy Jul 6, 2007 Link

    i want to make the yahoo mail to mail beta