Google Notebook – Revisit

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Google Notebook (Online Bookmarking app) is now live at . With Google Notebook, you can browse, clip, and organize information from across the web in a single online location and the important thing it that its accessible from any computer.The feature is very much similar to however the way its accomplished is typical googlish way.

First Google provides you with extensions for the 2 popular browsers IE and Firefox

After installing the extension, you can select any text in the browser and ask Google to "Note This" (Option available from the context menu)

The extension adds a small icon in the status bar of the browser. Clicking on it will open the notebook in the mini mode

Google Mini Mode

You can configure multiple notebooks and your booksmarks can be categorized. For this you need to switch to the "Full Screen" mode. You can see AJAX in action while organizing your bookmarks

Organizing Bookmarks

You can share your Google Notebook with others immediately by sharing the web address of your notebook

All in all, one more nice handy tool from Google..

Notebook on Official GoogleBlog

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