Office 2007 Beta 2 Released

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The Beta 2 of Microsoft Office 2007 is available at this link. The load on the server might be too high (I tried for 1 hour yesterday), in which case you might need to try at a latter time.

The download size of Microsoft® Office Professional Plus 2007 is about 450 MB. This package includes:

Packages Installed by default

The other packages such as Project, Groove,OneNote,Sharepoint etc can be downloaded separately. This beta is supposed to expire automatically in Feb 2007.

The User Interface of all the applications looks great.One thing that catches your eye are the new fonts used in the user interface. Here are some of the screen shots of Outlook (The only app which I am going to use extensively)

Navigation Bar (Same as in office 2003) New ToDo Window
Navigation bar

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