Something Is Broken At Google

Google, Mobile

There is a post at digg which is worth checking out. An online privacy service portal found that one of the main keyword in google search that bought users to their portal was “privacy service“. In recent days they found that none of the search results for the keyword “privacy service” was pointing to cotse, except the ad for which cotse paid !

In recent days I have also felt that the google search service is not returning results relevant to the input keyword. Till few weeks back “Search” and “Google” were synonyms for me. However for some keywords, the results in Google were not satisfactory and I found better/faster results in windows live search.

In fact windows live search was the first to index my site. It took Google almost 2 weeks to index my site. (i.e. after submitting the site to Google sitemaps)

So I too believe that there is something broken with the google search. They might be experimenting with a new algorithm. I hope they come back to “form” as soon as possible !

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