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One of the nice feature built into the new Word 2007 is the support for blogging. There are quite a few desktop based blogging tools, but the text editing capability provided by those is very limited.

Here are the steps to setup your blog account in Word 2007.

1. First you need to setup the account to which you will post blogs.

Setup New Account

2. The current Beta 2 version has support for MSN Spaces and Blogger.

Setup Account
In Beta 2, Word has limited support for additional Atom or Metaweblog (WordPress) compliant blog providers. To get started, you will need to need to check with your provider for a Post URL and API. Microsoft has provided the following list with known limitations for each provider.

Provider(API) PostURL
dasBlog Not supported
TypePad (MetaWeblog)
.Text Not supported
WordPress (MetaWeblog) http://<yourblogname>

Here is a snapshot of the publishing toolbar.

Publishing tool bar

Posts can be published as Draft. The “Open Existing” feature is not working in the current Beta. The other problem is with respect to Picture Upload. Currently you can specify an http or ftp address for Word to publish pictures to. Post beta 2, Microsoft plans to have more options in this area.

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  • mpcc Jun 17, 2006 Link

    Good walk through. It’s amazing how easy it is to use yet way more powerful than just the online blog editors. Open existing was working for me today using MS Word 2007 beta 2.

  • venu Jun 18, 2006 Link

    Open Existing is working.. I am using wordpress and it doesn’t seem to work for that…
    Probably its working with Blogger.

  • Terinea Tech Tips Mar 21, 2007 Link

    I originaly tried this with a Beta Copy and using Wordpress it didn’t work very well. Maybe try it again.

    Windows Live Writer is very good!

  • RMStringer Apr 5, 2007 Link

    I used this feature the other day and it worked wonderful. The only thing that si not included is the use of “tags”
    is the link.

  • Venu Apr 5, 2007 Link

    Hi Stringer,
    Yup MS word seems to be the most ideal tool for writing blog posts. Hope someone comes with a tag plugin soon 🙂

  • Supra shoes Apr 23, 2010 Link

    Thank you for useful info. 🙂