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PC World has released its annual list of Top 100 products of the year. Additionally it has also listed the Best and Worst companies of 2005.PC World

Yahoo has been rated the Web Company of the Year. It has been mentioned that even though Google gets lot of attention, its Yahoo that is getting things accomplished.

Apple with its iPod’s, Boot Camp and Intel Based Mac’s has been named the Hardware company of the Year.

Adobe is the Software company of the Year

And the worst company of the year – Any Guesses ? The “coveted” award goes to Sony !! This is what PC world has to say about Sony.

“We get the feeling that Sony doesn’t trust people. Many of its ills over the past year involve copy protection: First was the fiasco with its music CDs, which installed rootkits on PCs to hide digital rights management spyware, thereby exposing the computers to viruses. Then came delays in the delivery of Blu-ray drives due to difficulties implementing a second copy protection scheme. And as a result of the Blu-ray problems, Sony had to push back its PlayStation 3 console to November. All this from the company that virtually pioneered copying with the Betamax.”

The Top 100 Products list is worth checking out. WordPress, the publishing software driving this site is also featured in the top 100. I haven’t heard or read about almost 40% of the products in the list.

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