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Two days back Google released a sneak peek preview of Google Spreadsheet. Google hasn’t opened up the “Ajax spreadsheet” to the general public yet. In order to try, you need to request an invitation.

Google SpreadsheetAs of now there have been 4 products released in Google’s Online Office Suite

However the Google spreadsheet is far away compared to Excel in terms of features. The unique feature of GS is supposed to be the ability to collaboratively edit a spreadsheet online. Here are few snapshots

Main Screen

Main Screen partial snapshot

(I opened a xls file from my computer and GS loaded it pretty fast.)

Sharing Spreadsheet

Sharing spreadsheet
(I haven’t been able to see how exactly this works)

Options (Available as of now)


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  • Vasuki Raghavan Jun 9, 2006 Link

    Even I tried out Google Spreadsheets yesterday. Its pretty cool. Though you cant do stuff like getting pivot charts etc, it can be used for atleast 80% of what we do. And having documents online and collaborating are good options. I think we are slowly moving away from desktop-centric softwares.

  • Arvind Jun 9, 2006 Link

    Thanks Venu, for mentioning Zoho Sheet! Check it out when you find time –

    And yes Vasuki, we are moving towards web-based software.

    ps: All of Zoho’s ( development happens at Chennai.