The launch of Google Spreadsheet (GS) has put more focus on “online spreadsheets”. In my previous post on GS, I had mentioned about the online spreadsheets such as NumSum, ZohoSheet, JotSpot Tracker, iRows.

The comment by Zoho in my previous post made me have a look at their application. As of now both GS and Zoho cannot be compared since Google is still adding a lot of features like charting etc and even Zoho is still in Beta stage.

Here is a look at Zoho and its features

Zoho provides basic spreadsheet functionalities along with features like sharing, tagging and publishing content. You can:

  • Import and Export Excel files
  • Share sheets with multiple people to view or edit the same spreadsheet
  • Organize using multiple sheets
  • Use all Excel style formulas
  • Draw bar/line/pie 2D/3D charts
  • Publish charts in your websites/blogs and get it updated instantly (Still not there in GS)
  • Tag your sheets for grouping and better search (Not sure if GS will have this feature)

More Features/Change log at this link: http://zohosheet.com/features.do

The user interface is sluggish compared to GS. When I imported a 70kb excel file from my computer , Zoho took a lot of time to load and display the content. In the same sheet, I created one more page and tried switching between the pages: even this took a lot of time.

UI Highlights

There is a navigation pane displaying the user spreadsheets, the files shared by the user and also a trash can. Additionally there is a search box to quickly search sheets and “tags” make the task more easier.

Navigation Bar

The toolbar looks similar to the “old” Excel toolbar. (“Old” compared to Excel 2007)

Insert Chart prompts user with this dialog.

Insert Chart

The following options can be used to share the spreadsheet, make the sheet public(A unique URL is given for the sheet) and tag the sheet.

Misc Options

To summarize, the features supported are more than sufficient for basic usage. However Zoho definitely needs to focus more on Usability and Performance.

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  • Arvind Jun 13, 2006 Link

    Thanks Venu, for following your previous post with a look on Zoho Sheet. Yes, the responsiveness has been a bit sluggish as we have been experiencing a lot of traffic due to the launch of Google Spreadsheets & bloggers’ coverage.

    We sure will be addressing usability & performance issues. Keep your feedback comments coming.

  • Jonas Sep 20, 2006 Link

    Have you checked out EditGrid? It’s even better if you ask me. Check out my review here:

  • venukb Sep 21, 2006 Link

    Jonas, will definitely have a look at it. Of all zoho products only ZohoWriter stands out, I would like to compare EditGrid with Google Spreadsheet 🙂