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Today I was guided to a new financial portal called Stockhive. It is founded by Yogi Kulkarni, a software developer by
Stockhive profession and an investor by vocation. Yogi is supported in this venture by Ajey Gore – an IT infrastructure specialist, Ayatana Holdings India Pvt. Ltd. and by ThoughtWorks Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. – a software consultancy pioneering in Agile methodologies.

The site is still in “Beta” and according to the site it provides investors with tools for fundamental and technical analysis. The signup form is pretty simple and in the beta phase the membership is free.

Since “ThoughtWorks” is in the above equation, my feeling is that this site has been developed using Ruby On Rails !. The User Interface is simple, fast and the information is presented pretty neatly unlike in Moneycontrol

The opening page is the chart of Sensex/Nifty. Since I am not good in reading these charts, I couldn’t make much use of it. But yes definitely some content on the terminologies can be put up to educate visitors like me !.

Home page chart

The other option you have is to create your own personalized watch list. The company “search” feature is very good and in no time I added all my portfolio stock to the watch list . (Compare this to Moneycontrol and you will find the difference )


You can also see detailed information of each company and I must say I was impressed by the organization of the content. You have the charts, financials and the background of the company. Additionally the latest news on the company is also provided.

Company Snapshot

There are many other portals which provide rich financial content like Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money but none of these provide much information on Indian stocks/stock market. (Yahoo Finance does provided limited information).

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  • Yogi Jun 16, 2006 Link

    Hi Venu,

    Thanks for the feedback and encouragement! Help on technical
    indicators is coming soon. And yes the site is built with Ruby on


  • Pradeep Jun 21, 2006 Link

    Dude…identified a simple and good website..:)