Opera 9

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Opera 9 is out of its BETA. The new features offered includes built in Bittorrent downloader, tab previews and widgets.

Download Opera 9 from this link.

I would let my friend Vasuki to comment more on this. His post on opera did inspire me a lot, to try the browser, but mentally not able to make a shift from

Firefox, though I should agree that Opera does have a lot of appealing features.

Opera 9

Somehow not able to understand why Opera never caught up with people like Firefox. Opera is considered the fastest browser as of now. This interesting link has more data on that.

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  • Vasuki Jun 21, 2006 Link

    Well, I installed Opera 9 today. Though I was using Opera 9 beta, I did not get any notification that the new version is released. Too bad! This is not the way to treat loyalists 😉

    Now to the good things:
    1) Site specific preferences – You can have settings specific to every site, like enabling/disabling javascript, pop-up blocking, image control (show images, cached images and no images)
    Some examples:
    Rediff News has lot of ads. So you can use “No images” settings.
    Gmail and Google spreadsheets simply block requets from any other browser other than IE and firefox. So for these sites, have the settings as “Mask as Mozilla” and all these work just fine.

    2) Content blocking – Some sites use many ways to irritate you. If you block up images, they come up with flash files and auto play videos. Just right click on the page and “block content” to block anything on a page. Helps if you are browsing astalavista for some serial and Aria Giovanni comes up with a skimpy red dress!

    3) Thumbnail preview – Its a cool feature when you start ctrl+tabbing between tab pages. If you are very disorganized and have too many windows open, it helps!

    4) Custom search – This is an amazing feature. If you want to use any search engine in any site, right click in the search text box and choose “Create Search”. This new search comes up in the search dropdown next to address bar. Not just that, you can add a keyword to your search (I have added keyword “im” for IMDB search. So if I have to search for ‘Inside Man’ in IMDB, all I do is type im Inside Man in address bar! For the list of keywords, go to Tools – Preferences – Search)

    Here are the bad ones:
    1) BitTorrent support – I had tried downloading a movie with this, it was awful. May be it is suited for only small sized files.

    2) Widgets – This is being told as a great feature. This is something like Google Gadgets. I somehow dont like this. But, you can get widgets for football scores, playing tetris, sudoku, dictionary, pandora music etc.

    3) RSS Feeds not improved – I use Opera as my RSS integrator. Its a pretty neat and compact. But, I would have loved if they had enhanced it to have folders to organize feeds and manually refreshing to get the feeds etc.

    Finally, this looks much cleaner than Opera 9 beta 2. There are some sites that might not open properly in Opera, but I am happy as long as I am able to do 95% of my job with all the features it provides.

    One thing I noticed is that Kannada websites dont open properly in Opera. If anyone has any idea please let me know.

  • Prateek Apr 9, 2008 Link

    I have just installed opera 9.27.My problem is that new rediffmail do not open in opera…..when i click on take me to new rediffmail i get same old rediffmail……i have upto date sun JAVA 6.5 and slash is also installed.
    pls help