Sony Ericsson Black Diamond


I was checking out the Top 10 Coolest Designer Gadgets at TechEBlog. The one which caught by eye was the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond mobile phone.

Check this.. Looks cool..:)

The phone is designed by Singaporean Industrial designer Jaren Goh. The coolest feature is the borderless screen 🙂

The latest model which I would like to own is the M600. Its a touch screen phone unveiled in CEBit 2006. But unfortunately this model is supposed to be priced at around 400-500$ I believe !! 🙁

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  • Vasuki Jul 1, 2006 Link

    Wow looks cool. I love Sony Ericsson phones. One who is used to Sony Ericsson phones cant be comfortable with other phones.

  • Venu Jul 2, 2006 Link

    Rightly said.. I generally have a fight with Nokia fans.. and they find it pretty dificult to defend their phones when it comes to features/usabalitiy/price/phone build