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I was checking out the Zoho Web Site to check out their Online Presentation tool called Zoho Show; what I saw at Zoho.com impressed me ! They do have a long list of nice little “Beta” apps. Currently their products are organized into 3 areas

1. Office Suite – Show, Writer, Sheet, Virtual Office

2. Productivity Tools – CRM, Creator, Planner, Chat

3. Utilities – Challenge, Site 24×7, Thandora, Zoho Polls

The one that caught my eye was Zoho Polls. With this “Ajaxified” Zoho Polls you can quickly create your own poll and the best thing is you can get a script which you can embed in your web site. You can create a poll to vote or create a poll to rate.

My First Poll here (Poll to vote)

Do vote on this poll too (Poll to rate)

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  • Vasuki Jul 3, 2006 Link

    The only thing I did not like about zoho was having different registrations for each of their applications, and that too, using email id for one and login name for other. They should have had a single login for all of the applications in their suite.

  • Ramesh Jul 3, 2006 Link

    Hi Venu,

    Thanks for writing about Zoho and Zoho Polls in particular. We have more coming up 🙂

    Vasuki, we do have single sign on coming up soon. So you would be able to sign in once and access all applications.