Typing Speed !


Check out this link to test how fast you can type !


Of course you might find a lot of free tools to test your typing speed/skills. But the one created by Joshua Rennet is simple in usage and gives a quick feedback on your typo skills .

You have to click on a text area and you are presented with a random block of text which you should type (If there are any mistakes you should correct it immediately !). At the end you are prompted with a message box with your typing speed measured in WPM (Words Per Minute) and CPM (Characters Per Minute). And yes you also have the count of mistakes you made

The only problem I found is that I have to click on the text area (using mouse) to activate the timer/random text and then immediately shift to keyboard to type. Yeah the time is negligible, but it matters right

On the first try I got about 85 WPM. Then after 3-4 tried I finally managed to have this:

First try...

My next 4 tries left me in the 80-85 WPM and I somehow was not able to break away from this range. Then I took a break and tried again. I got this 😀 .

Hooray ...

Isn’t this good or what ? (I guess I got an easy fragment of random text)

Go ahead .. Try it out and let me know how fast you type

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