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Google as of today is undoubtedly the best/fastest search engine. Its also a well known fact that for any search in Google very few people go beyond 2 pages of search results.

Even though each search result in Google includes a “keyword related” excerpt, the data is always not enough to decide whether to click on the link or not. As an example, when I searched for “Snooker Rules” in Google, the first search result looked something like this:

As you can see from the result, it’s really difficult to make a decision whether the page really does have information on snooker rules !

The portal intends to overcome this problem. Here is how

  1. User uses the “Google search” to list results for a keyword
  2. Along with the search result, a “Summary” widget will appear by the side.
  3. When the user hovers over a search result link, the summary of the page is extracted and displayed in the widget.

Based on the summary of the page, user can now decide whether to explore the link or not !

Personally I feel the widget really adds one more dimension of information which can be used before clicking on the search result link.

But I really feel the developer has to re-check on the Google TOS. I am not sure if the Google Search API can be used the way it is used in

Currently the Summary widget is still little buggy. It disappears when the user navigates away from the first page of search results. Also the summary information is not so informative if the link points to a page with Frames.

So go ahead and use Saarr ! And do give your feedback at this link.

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  • Vasuki Jul 10, 2006 Link

    The idea is quite innovative, but I am not sure how useful it really can be. I think the percentage of not finding the proper sites in the first page of search results is too less.

    And images dont get displayed in the saarr window, which might make my job as difficult to spot the site I am looking for.

    Also, I searched for “Inside Man”, the first link was from IMDB. When I hovered over the link, the saarr window showed the “User comments” section for that movie and everything above that, like plot outline etc are not shown in saarr window!

  • Venu Jul 10, 2006 Link

    Yeah there are lot of bugs and the algo for summary information needs to be improved.Now it gets the data from the HTML and displays it. So it doesnt work well when the HTML has frames !!
    Regarding picture I remember the developer mentioning that its removed intentionally.

  • Vasuki Jul 10, 2006 Link

    I had selected the checkbox for getting notifications for replies to this…and I got a notification when you replied! 🙂

  • Sunil Jul 12, 2006 Link

    This is surely an improvement to the search methods provided by the gaints… and search for saarr in and this blog is the first link it shown, google is not able to search 🙂

  • Venu Jul 12, 2006 Link

    Yup googlebot seems to have visited my site yesterday and indexed quite a bit of content 🙂 and hey u need to move from IE 6 to Firefox or opera. My site doesn’t seem to be working with IE6 (I mean the sidebar is pushed to the bottom 🙁 )

  • webmasters Jul 12, 2006 Link

    Thanks a lot for spending time of Saarr and providing your comments. As you know Saarr is currently in beta version so there are lot of changes happening to it. As far as images are concerned,Saarr removes it as they increase the loading time and as everything on Saarr is real-time(unlike Google) it might be a problem. In later versions, option would be provided for images inclusion also.
    Thanks again.