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Yesterday I noticed that some of the RSS feeds were not working in my feed reader (Outlook 2007). I thought it was some problem with the client and I never took the pain of checking further.

Today I realized that many ISP’s in India have blocked blog sites and this was the reason for the feeds also not working. Access to all the blogs hosted on Blogger and Typepad have been blocked. However blogs hosted on WordPress seemed to be working fine !! Wonder why ?

The reason for blocking seems to be due to the letter received from Ministry of Communications. This letter seems to be a result of the recent Mumbai train blast. It seems the guys behind the blast used blogs to exchange information.

But I am not sure how this calls for a ban on all the blogs. Blog is definitely one way of exchanging information. But the same can be done via E-Mail too, now this doesn’t mean you call for a ban on E-Mails too !!

However the news doing rounds is that the ban will be lifted soon. Even when I contacted my ISP (Airtel), I got a similar response.

So how to access these blocked sites now ?

SecurityPro recommends a tool called Torpark to overcome this problem. The utility is supposed to help you browse anonymously.

Torpark is a small executable file that creates a secure Internet connection via the Tor network, an anonymous communication system supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, among others. Tor’s virtual tunneling system allows users to connect to forbidden websites and maintain their security online. It prevents them from being tracked by websites or discovered through web traffic analysis. It does this by distributing the various steps taken from one location to another through several servers; no individual server ever knows the complete path that a data packet has taken, the project noted.

I downloaded Torpark, but was not able to get in running. The TorBrowser (Browser is built on the latest version of Mozilla Firefox ( ) never showed up !! I am not sure if error is because of my PC running Firefox 2.0 Beta !

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  • mike Aug 16, 2007 Link

    If skype is blocked that is just not fare so i found a way around it and no one can stop me from calling with skype when its “blocked” 🙂 I use a service from the following site

    VPN Connections

    Hope it helps others too.

    P.s. they also will provide a new connection if the isp block the ip you connect to to establish a vpn.

    Read all about it on the site.
    Skype Unblocked