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If you are tracking a lot of blogs and additionally also leave comments in the blog, one problem you always face is trackingcoComment these comments. You never know if anybody has replied to your comment unless you bookmark the site and open it again at regular intervals. But again how many website posts can you keep track of ?

coComment is a innovative application to get over this mess. coComment allows users to track comments they’ve left on blogs in one centralized place. In effect, CoComment keeps a blog of your distributed comments. The main feature of the service is much like an email inbox – a place which centralizes all the comments you’ve made on different sites, shows you the follow-ups to those comments, and keeps them neatly organized and easy to follow for you.

How Doest it Work ?

Whenever you post a comment somewhere – be it a blog, a photo sharing service, a news site, etc. (anywhere there is comment functionality present) coComment will capture your comment, and make a copy of it for you to follow in your “My Conversations” page on the coComment service. Your comment is submitted to the original site as usual, but the copy sent to coComment is the starting point from which you can continue to track the ensuing conversation without having to check back on the orininal site where it was posted. You can follow all your conversations from one central location rather than having to go back and check each site where you left the comment individually.

And yes, you can tag all the comments, so that you can search your comments based on some keywords/topics.

How do I Install it ?

  • Firefox extension
    If you are using Firefox, install the extension and coComment will be seamlessly integrated in your browser. Any comments you submit will be added to the tracked conversations in your coComment account automatically.
  • Bookmarklet
    If you’re not a Firefox user, you can add coComment’s bookmarklet. Bookmarklet is a small and safe piece of software you add to your browser toolbar with a simple drag and drop. Once installed, just press the bookmarklet button before submitting a comment as you normally would. This will capture your comment so you can begin tracking the conversation with coComment.

Can it be included in your own blog/website ?

Yes you can ! You can enhance you web site using the following set of services.

  • Integrate your site to make sure it is compatible with coComment. Comments on your site will be tracked more efficiently, and your visitors will get the benefits of all our services without having to be registerd coComment users.
  • Show your readers who the frequent commenters on your site are. This will bring attention those who take time to interact with you, and will promote the ongoing discussiony.
  • Display your commenting “neighbors” (those commenting on the same sites you comment on). If your readers like your blog, they probably wish you could post interesting stuff all day! But if you don’t have the time to make them happy that way, you can at least help them find people who share your interests.

For wordpress, there is a nice little plugin called coComment Enhancer which eases the coComment service integration.


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