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There was time when I used Internet Explorer as my web browser of choice and tabbed browsing was unknown feature then. If I had to work with multiple web pages, I used to open multiple windows of IE and this used to clutter the toolbar.

Thanks to Firefox, I got over that problem. (Even today I see many of my friends still using that old approach, my advice is to switch over to Tabbed browsing )

But even now I somehow manage to clutter my toolbar, not with web pages but with different applications (Outlook, Word, Adobe etc) . This time ATI’s Hydravision came to my rescue

Before continuing reading this post, do check if you are having a ATI graphics card. The fastest way to check:

  1. Press “Windows” key + “Pause”. This will open System Properties
  2. Go to Hardware – > Device Manager
  3. Expand Display Adapter. If you have something that starts with ATI continue reading this post.
System Properties

Hydravision is a Multi-monitor Management Software from ATI which enables you to tailor your desktop , so that you can manage increased amount of information.

Your productivity is increased thanks to two aspects Hydravision:

  • Breadth – increase your desktop work space by using up to two monitors
  • Depth – create multiple layers of desktop workspace with Multi-Desk

The Breadth aspect is applicable to users using multiple monitors. But the Depth feature is one which is really worth checking out.

You can accomplish the following using ATI Hydravision :

Configure Multiple Desktops

With ATIs MultiDesk you can create-name-organize, and arrange up to NINE active multi-monitor desktop combinations.Multidesk You can cycle between these using the mouse click, or to make life simpler, you can set hot keys to cycle through the virtual monitors.

My Current Hot Key Configuration

Hot Keys

Also you can move the applications across the desktops i.e. you can re-arrange the applications. You can even make an application appear on all the desktops.

Control Transparency

You can enable transparency while dragging windows, enable transparent menus and enabled windows fade in effect. This is really not that useful, but again in a few scenarios, transparent windows and menus can be useful.


There are a host of other features like enabling shadows, using magnifier tool etc. If you have multiple monitors, you can move applications between these physical monitors.

For a complete set of features check this link:

Download Hydravision:

For Non  ATI PCs there are a lot of other tools which might help you to accomplish the same. One such app is the Virtual Desktop Manager from Microsoft. It helps you in managing 4 virtual desktops.

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  • Wouter Smaal Aug 22, 2006 Link

    You can only use the full edition of Hydravision for ATI Multidesk.

  • Venu Aug 22, 2006 Link

    Wouter, Thanks for pointing out this…