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While designing the web site, many a times you are stuck with the problem of choosing appropriate colors. I still haven’t been able to find the right combination of colors for menus, links etc. I am using the default style sheet of K2 theme. (Which by the way is pretty decent). There are few tweaks I would like to do in the k2 theme and most of them are related to the usage of colors.

In CSS world, you can input the color in 3 different ways. I am sure many of you already know this, if you don’t check this example.

color : #FFFFFF

color: rgb (255, 0,255)

color: Blue

You can find a lot of applications which help in choosing the colors. Recently I stumbled upon Color Schemer.

They have a nice set of applications to help you in choosing the right color. I liked the Online Color Schemer and the Color Picker the most.

Color Schemer Onlinecolor schemer online

This is a free online version of the Color Schemer products.You can enter the RGB values if you know, or enter the Hex values of the color, or you can choose the color from the palette and get the RGB/Hex Values

The 2 options “Lighten Scheme” and “Darken Scheme” eases the task of choosing colors.

Color Schemer ColorPix (Color Picker) is the tool I liked most.

It’s a small application which grabs the pixel under your mouse and transforms it into a color and you can choose the value in different formats (Hex/RGB/HSB/CMYK)

You can also use the built-in magnifier to zoom in on your screen, click on a color value to copy it directly to the clipboard.

color picker

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