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Of late, I have not been able to keep up with the new movie releases, and as a result of that there was a considerable amount of backlog of movies that I had to watch. Today (being a holiday) I decided to ease it a little bit. So I went to PVR with the intention of watching at least 2 movies. (Few people might suggest that today was not a good day to choose, since PVR has a special pricing on Friday and Weekends)

The first movie that I booked was Golmaal ! No offence to those who liked the movie, I felt it was a total crap movie with full of s**t comedy and unrelated songs (You might say, “Hey but this is common in most of Hindi movies” !). I expected to watch at least a good “time pass” movie , it didn’t even come close to that.

The other movie I booked with lot of skepticism was Corporate. I even happened to watch the trailer of Sentinel after booking the tickets and was thinking of replacing Corporate with Sentinel. If I had done that, I would have definitely made a “big” mistake.

In contrast to Golmaal, Corporate was a damn good movie. I am not going to write a review of it, you can look up in Google, or a better suggestion, just go and watch it.

It’s a Drama with Simple Narration, Strong script, Brilliant Acting and an underlying message which makes you think. As of now, I am definitely contemplating on whether to continue with Pepsi or Coke. Asking Why ? Watch Corporate and also do let me know what you thought about the movie.
P.S. The above comment doesn’t suggest the movie is about Pepsi/Coke and pesticides issue . For guys requesting me to write about “non-techie” stuff, add this ! For guys who came with the intent of reading a “techie” blog; A lot of it is in the “Drafts” box . Grab the RSS feed at and it will keep you posted of latest updates !

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  • Vasuki Aug 7, 2006 Link

    Good Venu…why this sudden transformation from James Gosling to Taran Adarsh? 😉
    I saw a movie over the weekend called “12 angry men”…its a very old movie…good drama…see it if you get it.

  • venukb Aug 7, 2006 Link

    Yup sometimes I get the enthu to write non gosling stuff 🙂 checked out the movie in IMDB seems interesting..

    I see your comment is from Linux.. when did you shift to Linux ??

  • Vasuki Aug 8, 2006 Link

    In office, we have shifted from windows to linux machines.
    Hmm, I need to careful with your tracking. Because some day you might say “Why did you comment from the Jayanagar 9th block cyber cafe” 😉