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Typetester is an online application which you can use to compare the different fonts. According to the site, its primaryTypetester role is to make a web designer’s life easier.

I have always been thinking of changing 2 aspects of my web page .

One is the combination of colors for some elements in the page and the other is to change the font used in the sidebar (It’s the default font set by the K2 theme). Its very small and not easily noticeable by the visitors.

So I am planning to use this application along with Color Schemer to resolve these 2 issues.

Usage of the Typetester application is straightforward. You have a placeholder to input your sample text.

Sample Text
You can choose the fonts either from the safe list or from the fonts installed in your system. However you should note that the fonts installed in your system might not be installed in every other computer. So it’s better to stick to the safe list.

Select Fonts

You can control the other CSS properties of the font such as size, alignment, word space, decoration etc.

You can use the 3 columns to experiment (To ease the task, there is an option to copy the settings to the different columns). Each column displays the font in the following formats

  1. Regular
  2. Bold
  3. Italic/Bold Italic
  4. Uppercase Regular/Bold/Italic
  5. Small Caps Regular/Bold/Italic

One feature I would have liked to see in the application is previewing the fonts with ClearType Enabled/Disabled. And if you are confused with choosing the right fonts, the stats page might be of some help . It lists the settings tested/used by most of the users.

Most wanted settings