Google Analytics – No Invitation Needed

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Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates  detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. Google recently acquired Urchin Web Tracking system and made it available via Google Analytics.

If you have content behind a security firewall or on an intranet or internal network that prevents you from using the Google Analytics service, you can use the original Urchin Software (Note that this is a paid service )

Download Urchin Software

Till few days back, Google Analytics was available only by invitation. In contrast to “invitation” based marketing, this invitation could not be sent by users using Analytics, it was sent out only by Google. When my AdSense account was approved, I immediately got the Analytics Invitation as well.

2 days back Google announced that they are opening Google Analytics to everyone. Now you don’t need to wait for an invitation.

Go sign up with your Google account grab the analytics script..

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  • Ryan Aug 17, 2006 Link

    That’s awesome Venu! I’ve been using Analytics since it came out and love it, now I can suggest people to use it, and not add, oh but you need an invite first.

  • Jake Aug 21, 2006 Link

    I’ve never seen much of a need for any type of statistic programs myself. I don’t know about other hosts, but 1&1 has a great log rendering program.

  • Venu Aug 21, 2006 Link

    You mean the analytics provided by your web hosting provider ? Many web hosting providers just proivde a basic analytics tool.
    Google analytics is free,and its got a good set of features. I use this in combination with Statcounter 🙂