Online Monopoly and more …


I have a craze for computer games, especially strategy games. Age of Empires, Caesar 3, Railraod Tycoon,Rise of Nations, Dune are some of my favorites. Once I get hooked into the game, I never realize the passage of time.

Before I was introduced to a computer, I was hooked onto board games like monopoly and business.

Atari Play has online versions of some of the greatest games including monopoly. The multiplayer environment loaded up pretty fast and it was nice playing monopoly after many years :).

Somehow I managed to land in jail more than on properties :(. Even the “chances” I got, asked me to go to jail :). And on every turn rather than getting 200$, I was paying it in the form of taxes !

And its not just monopoly, There are many other games like Scrabble, Battleship etc.

Go check out ..

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  • Ryan Aug 23, 2006 Link

    I saw that earlier today and if I wasn’t at work I would have definitely have gone for a game of Monopoly. It’s a fun game, but playing with friends might be a little more desired 🙂 I’m still a bigger fan of Life though, that one is a favorite with my friends. Have a few drinks and play Life, it’s so simple.

  • Madhur Kapoor Aug 23, 2006 Link

    Nice site man , really liked playing scrabble after a long time .

  • Venu Aug 23, 2006 Link

    Ryan, yup if you play with someone you know you are also sure that they are not going to dump you in the middle of the game..

    madhur and ryan.. if you see venukb in the list.. just add me..i’m sure you guys will have a good game.. since I have kind of made a reputation of going to jail more number of times.. and also a regular payer of taxes 😀

    In one game, the opponent was amazed by the number of times I was able to make it to jail .. 🙂