"Hidden" iTunes Toolbar

Tools, Windows

I have been using iTunes for quite some time, but I was not aware that iTunes had a nice little toolbar as well.

This is how you activate the toolbar.

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Right Click on the Taskbar and select Toolbars -> iTunes(This toolbar option appears only when iTunes is running and its kind of totally disjoint to the application, I guess that’s the reason many people are not aware of this)
  3. Minimize the iTunes window. You should see a iTunes toolbar on the taskbar
  4. If the toolbar doesn’t appear, do check if you have enabled the “Minimize to Tray” option. If it is enabled, you have to disable it for the toolbar to work.
    To check : Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced

Similar options is there even in Windows Media Player, I wonder how I missed it.

Source: Taylor Hayward