Zidane – Game On


We all know about the famous or I should say “infamous” Zidane headbutt to Materazzi. On the next day itself, there were quite a few games (flash based) based on this incident.

I found another cool game at this link


You just need to move the mouse and headbutt all those “Materazzis“. Zidane does grow bigger after some time and the materazzis do start coming in faster. A test for your mouse skills, or should I say a test of your mouse ?

I tried it couple of times (5 times to be exact) and came out with this score !

Really feeling sleepy, else would have liked to hit the century 🙂 Give it a try and let me know if you beat this score 🙂 ! Other than this, there are lot of other Games at the home page i.e. Footy Flash. Check out the Highly Rated games, I am sure you will be hooked onto these games for some time.. 🙂

P.S. The Re-Play Link in the game is oddly placed (actually it doesn’t look like a link), you can find it at the top left corner, I am sure you will definitely be using this quite often to beat/reach my score.

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  • vvs Aug 26, 2006 Link


    I crossed your score now its new high with 157 🙂
    Check your gmail for the image


  • Venu Aug 27, 2006 Link

    Man.. I need to break this.. the best i could do till now is around 120 🙁 I hope you have not manipulated the image 🙂

  • venu Aug 28, 2006 Link

    VVS, I just a score which I believe will take you ages to break
    Its 297 🙂

    sent the image by mail… 🙂

  • Mho Aug 29, 2006 Link

    Hi Venu,

    Sooper joblessness maga … check this out if u havent
    Cheeeap timepass

    Cool blog, I will dfntlylink ( when I figure out and find the josh to link ppl)


  • Venu Aug 29, 2006 Link

    man what this Mho funda ? only after I saw your email id got to know it was you !! never knew you had a blog too 🙂