3 Column Theme for WordPress


I was contemplating on a shift to a 3 column layout for quite some time now. With a current 2 column layout, it does become a little difficult to accommodate content.

With a single sidebar, any new block of content will just make the sidebar bigger and bigger and there is no way the visitors are going to scroll to see the content.

The 3 column helps you to make your sidebar look better, again care should be taken not to overload it with lot of links/content. I’ve been on the hunt for a good looking 3 column theme for quite some time. A three column version of K2 definitely makes sense, again there are lot of themes based on K2 and I am not able to decide.

Currently I am fishing at these sites to find the “one”:


List of Themes on Codex

Alex King’s Theme Directory

BlogJoint Best WordPress themes

Suggest me some good 3 column wordpress themes …:)

P.S. I was going through my del.icio.us bookmarks and I found this article from A List Apart. Making me think, If I should design my own theme !! Nah.. I am too lazy for that 😀

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  • Shivaranjan Sep 5, 2006 Link

    If you want a three column K2 theme then you can try John’s Technoblue, Bharath’s Three column and 59Ideas 3 column. I am currently on John’s Technoblue 3 column K2 Theme.

  • Ryan Sep 5, 2006 Link

    I’m torn right now because I plan to use a different theme, one that is much simpler than my current one and I think I’m going to go with 2 columns because I’m going for simplicity and a number of things aren’t going to be present in the new version. But I do like 3 column layouts, they are very nice if you have a lot of things you plan to include. I always have trouble finding a theme and I end up looking through the themes numerous times before I settle with one.

  • venukb Sep 5, 2006 Link

    Shiv, yes I will have a look at Technoblue..Had read about this quite a number of times in Technobytez..
    59ideas was new.. looks cool will try it out..

    Ryan, Why do you want to throw away such a nice theme, I kind of like your current theme very much..
    If you have decided to throw it away, I am waiting here to catch it, probably the only change I will do is to convert that greenish tinge to a blueish one 🙂

  • Ryan Sep 6, 2006 Link

    Yeah all the green is a bit much. I’m going to use it until I can perfect one theme I’m looking at, but it’s a bit too pink 🙂 But I’m going to try and I’ll ask for opinions when I get anywhere near that point, but you’d be welcome to snag it if you wanted.

  • Santhosh Sep 7, 2006 Link

    May I suggest you could try out the Dalarnas theme, http://proletarium.org/proyectos/dalarnas/
    But, one catch is that it is in spanish as of now. 🙁

  • venukb Sep 7, 2006 Link

    Hi Santhosh, I checked out Dalarnas, looks cool, as you mentioned, few of the text needs to be translated from spanish to english, but doesnt have support for sidebar widgets though !!

  • Claire Sep 19, 2006 Link

    I have surfed on the net I have found your blog. It’s amazing.

  • Venu Sep 21, 2006 Link

    Thanks Claire !

  • Thilak Sep 25, 2006 Link

    Previously I used to use Three Column Theme, but my readers disliked it, So i switched back to my own 2 column theme…

    BTW You blog has the right potential !! I have added your blog to my Feed Reader and Blogroll…. So I’ll keep comming back 😉

    PS: I found your comment on Ryan’s Blog, So I just followed your link

  • Venu Sep 25, 2006 Link

    Thanks Thilak, In fact I have seen your blog transitioning from one theme to another..from past 2 months 🙂

    I like your current theme, however i cannot say the same about the color of the font, its kind of glaring for the eye, see if others have the same opinion 🙂

  • Thilak Sep 25, 2006 Link

    Thanks for responding… What do you suggest ?? Should I darken font colors on my blog ??

  • author Jun 23, 2007 Link


  • jameswillisisthebest Sep 9, 2007 Link

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

  • R J Sep 17, 2007 Link

    Since my step up into the blogosphere many moons ago, I have always had a preference for the more balanced 2-column format.

    Lately, however, I am leaning toward a 3-column – but with the content-sidebar-sidebar setup with sub-navigation tabs just below the header. (I dont ask for much!)

    I have scoured the www earth for something I can use, but have not been able to get something that just fits ‘out of the box’ (I dont have the time to look into PHP css editing – not yet!).

    My current theme is the iTheme by n-design which is a two-column. I like it for its web2.0 design and its simplicity. It would be great if the author could come up with a 3-column format. I like this theme since the sidebars have an element of user-friendly option of minimizing the each sidebar box as well as drag and drop the box to suit convenience and preference.

    Will be following your ‘theme-hunting’ journey via a feed 🙂

  • R J Sep 18, 2007 Link


    Following some links from your blog, I landed on blog whose author had actually ‘columnized’ = made 3 columns setup = of the theme that I used.

    So now I have my 3-column setup in the theme I like.

    I just need to sort out the content now! 🙂

  • venukb Sep 19, 2007 Link

    Congrats RJ ! Just had a look at the new theme on your site. Looks good; you have now more space for your sidebar content 🙂

  • Niyaz PK Feb 11, 2008 Link

    Check out my theme. It is there for download too..

  • venukb Feb 17, 2008 Link

    Will definitely check it out. Thanks..