Tools, Windows, Wordpress

Windows Live Writer, the desktop based weblog client eased the task of writing/editing blogs. After I started using Live Writer, I had to rarely open the administration console of WordPress to edit the posts contents.

However to tag the posts, I still had to login to the administration console.

Live Writer has an SDK using which developers can develop plugins to add more functionality to the application. When I initially had a look at the Live Writer, I had only noticed the Flickr4Writer plugin.

I totally missed out Tag4Writer plugin, which can be used to insert tags to the posts. You can customize the template of the tag list via the options page.

I have customized the template as shown below

I believe now I have exhausted all reasons for which I used to login to the wordpress admin console regularly.

Download Tag4Writer

I guess the problem is not completely resolved, now I have duplication of tags, one inserted by the k2 theme and the one inserted in the post.