GMail – Confusing ToolBar

  1. I log into my GMail account
  2. I click on Spam folder.
  3. I select all the mails as I am very sure that every mail in this box is spam
  4. I “automatically” click on “Not Spam” button on the toolbar !!

Thinking I am crazy ! After all, GMail has the best spam filter, why would anybody report spam mails as Not Spam ?

I guess this has to do with the confusing User Interface of GMail.

This is how the toolbar looks when Inbox is the active folder:

Notice the positioning of “Report Spam” and “Delete” buttons.

When Spam is the active folder, the toolbar looks like this:

In this view, the “Not Spam” button is on the right of “Delete Forever” button!!

After selecting the unwanted messages in Inbox, my hand automatically goes to the last button in the toolbar which happens to be the Delete button.

I am so used to this, that I do the same after selecting the messages in Spam folder. So instead of deleting the messages, I end up marking the spam messages as Not Spam :(.

Even the All Mail folder also has a interface consistent with the inbox folder.

I tried to analyze whether the buttons in Spam folder werereversed intentionally, but nothing seems to make sense. Spam mails which are more than 30 days old are automatically deleted, and there is no reason not to have the “Delete Forever” button on the right !

Am I the only one having this problem ? Anybody has any other views on this ?

I guess I have to get accustomed to using the new “Delete all spam messages now” option 🙂

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  • Ryan Sep 6, 2006 Link

    I guess I never noticed that they’re switched because I would never delete anything in my Inbox (Archiving for the win). I wish the Delete all spam would be a little easier to use because it doesn’t seem like it belongs there. Maybe make it a button instead of a link? In any case, I see where you’re coming from and I agree with you. Consistancy is key.

  • Shivaranjan Sep 6, 2006 Link

    I was thinking I alone had this problem but looks like I got company. 🙂

  • Mho Sep 7, 2006 Link
  • Supremus Sep 7, 2006 Link

    Didnt seem like much on an issue with me…maybe I am a bit more careful while deleting mails – spam or otherwise 😀


  • venukb Sep 8, 2006 Link

    Suyog, yup being careful is one way of defending it… I have done the mistake a few times and like every other baby have learnt not to do that again 🙂

    To clarify some things, Gmail is my favorite email service, only that I noticed this intent of blowing it out 🙂