Tracking Comments

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  1. User A leaves a comment on a blog
  2. User B (can be another user or the author of the blog) responds to the comment
  3. There is no reponse back from User A on User B’s comments !

This might happen due to 3 reasons

  1. User A saw User B’s response, but was not interested in continuing the converstaion
  2. User A had nothing more to comment on User B’s comments.
  3. User A was never aware that User B actually left a response to his comment.

If you are a kind of user who leaves a lot of comment in a lot of sites, it becomes difficult to track the conversation and will eventually lead to “Reason 3” kind of problems.

I too faced this problem some time back and then I stumbled upon coComments. I had reviewed it some time back, check the link below.

Review of coComments

coComment allows users to track comments they�ve left on blogs in one centralized place. In effect, CoComment keeps a blog of your distributed comments. The main feature of the service is much like an email inbox – a place which centralizes all the comments you�ve made on different sites, shows you the follow-ups to those comments, and keeps them neatly organized and easy to follow for you.

And if you don’t want to regulary login to coComments to check the conversations, you can always subscribe to the RSS feeds of the conversations that you are tracking ! Makes using coCommnent much more easier 🙂

As of now I can see only these guys who are leaving comments on my site and are also using coComments.

Expecting to see more of the guys using this service :).

P.S. Recently I found that there another service which helps you to track comments and it goes by the name of co.mments. I have not checked as to how exactly it works, if anyone has, please drop a “comment” on it

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  • Srinivasa Ramanujam Sep 11, 2006 Link

    If I check the box that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” located below this comment box, will I not be notified if you reply to my comment?

  • venukb Sep 11, 2006 Link

    While writing the post, I thought I should mention about this notify feature as well. As it happens most of the time, I forgot about it 🙂

    Notification of comments is a feature included by me on this site, and this feature can be incorporated by any blog running wordpress using the “Subscribe to comments” plugin (You can find the pluginhere

    However unlike Notification, coComment tags to any web page having comments form. It automatically detects the form and attaches a toolbar below the comment text box. (You need to install the specific browser extension though)

    And other than just notifying you of comments,you can TAG the comments and this makes searching comments/posts of your interest much faster.