Running Multiple Instances of Yahoo and Google IM

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Check this screenshot:

This is the memory usage of Yahoo IM when its initially started on my machine ! So with this kind of memory usage, why would anyone want to run multiple instances of Yahoo messenger ?

My first E-Mail ID was with Yahoo and was created 8 years back. I recently created a new yahoo mail ID and I wanted to use this as my primary Yahoo ID (including Yahoo Messenger).

I was faced with the problem of moving my buddies from the old ID to the new one. Unfortunately there was no easy way of exporting and importing your chat buddies in Yahoo IM.

(As I am writing, I think I could have done it via Address book import/export, again I am not completely sure if it works ).

Initially I imported contacts from my Outlook address book (which is always synched via the Plaxo service) and I guess it took care of importing 60% of my Yahoo IM buddies.

The only other way I could add the remaining 40% was to startup 2 instances of Yahoo IM and add the buddies manually ! However there is no straight forward method to start multiple instances of Yahoo IM.

So when I went searching in Google and I came across this post. “Multi” Yahoo IM is achieved by patching the registry.

The Registration Entry file can be found here:

If you run into any problems, you can uninstall by running this file…

I patched the registry entry and I was able to successfully launch 2 instances of Yahoo IM and synch my chat buddies :). If any of you guys have been thinking of running multiple instances of Yahoo this should be helpful, but do note the memory usage of Yahoo IM.

Isn’t it nice If I could do the same with Google Talk ? In fact there is a method to do this, and its much easier compared to Yahoo IM.

A typical Google Talk shortcut looks like this: “"c:program filesgooglegoogle talkgoogletalk.exe"

You just need to create one more shortcut which looks like this: "c:program filesgooglegoogle talkgoogletalk.exe" /nomutex

The “/nomutex” is the one which does the trick, and with this switch you can run multiple instances of Google talk !

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  • vvs Sep 19, 2006 Link

    Hey Venu,

    This is nice to hear that, see after you got an issue you found out this point. Now i remember of the very famous saying “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”.

    This is a nice piece of information who face such kind of issues only if it could come without that memory constraints. Mmmmm ok atleast we got a way out may be we can later find a better way out of this.

  • Thilak Sep 25, 2006 Link

    I use GAIM, And I can’t live without it 😉

    Its great. Have you checked it out… I loves its Text Replacement Plugin

  • Venu Sep 25, 2006 Link

    Thilak, I have not used GAIM,

    I remember trying it once.. ! I tried to see if you had any post written on it.. there wasn’t one, I guess you can write one post on GAIM to encourage users like me to use it 🙂

  • Karl Mar 26, 2007 Link

    Well folks on my site i have made a multi yahoo messenger patch and also there is a multi google talk patch that works on all versions :l also has tones more tools for yahoo and google talk come check us out 🙂