– “New” look

Eclipse, Tools, the official site of Eclipse had a “look and feel” upgrade yesterday. Unlike the Eclipse platform, the site was not so usable, it was always a pain searching for information in the website. I still have to explore the new interface and see whether they have improved on these aspects.

From what I observed after 5 minutes of browsing is that its only the home page had an upgrade, the home pages of different projects like WTP,DTP etc still haven’t changed :(.

I strongly believe that Eclipse should seriously bring in some uniformity in the website. They should seriously start a project just for this ! ( I remember a project by name Phoneix was started some time back ! What the hell happened to that ? )

Some project pages have “Download” on the left side bar, some have a fancy icon sitting in the middle of the page. Every other time I am forced to use the browser search feature to find the “Download” link ! – Please wake up !!