New look and feel !

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Since I wrote this post , I have been constantly searching for a good 3 column wordpress theme. I found a few good themes, however when I compared them with the K2 theme, something was always missing !

Today I have finally upgraded to a new theme called Freshy. Thanks to Thilak for finding out the theme 🙂

The theme has a nice look and feel and the sidebar has a flexible configuration. I can either have “splitted” 2 column or a normal 1 column configuration in the sidebar. However the theme doesn’t support widgets and I had to manually edit the sidebar.PHP !

The porting is still not completely over, I have added quite a bit of code from the previous k2 theme !

Don’t forget to scroll to the end of the page ! There is a nice little widget sitting at the bottom of the page.

Feedback please 🙂

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  • Thilak Oct 15, 2006 Link

    I tried to Widgetize this theme, but due to its flexible nature, its quite impossible to widgetize it

  • venukb Oct 15, 2006 Link

    Oops your comment was in Spam box, after all Akismet is not reliable 🙂

    I guess now I am kind of comfortable without widgets and manually editing does provide you with more control 🙂

  • Shivaranjan Oct 17, 2006 Link

    Venu the theme looks great. I think you need to do a little rearrangement like the placement of the ads.

  • Venu Oct 17, 2006 Link

    Thanks shiv, yeah still working on the ads and the sidebar needs some rework 🙂 Also few guys mentioned that the font is not good ??

    I dont know how it looks in Opera !