LinkedIn – Is it really useful ?


Recently I started using LinkedIn and sent out invites to a bunch of guys I know.

For those who are new to LinkedIn, this is the Wikipedia definition:

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking site, mainly used for professional networking. As of September 2006, it had more than 7 million registered users, representing 130 industries.

You can add new connections by inviting people you know and you can also maintain your professional profile within LinkedIn. However after using it for a few days, I don’t seem to see any value add in the application.

Even Scoble doesn’t seem to like LinkedIn, and he points to a article from Jeff Atwood. This is what Jeff has to say about LinkedIn :

This blurb neatly summarizes everything that’s wrong with the Linked In service.

I’ve been a member of Linked In for almost two years now. I dutifully entered my credentials and kept them up to date. The only other interaction I’ve had with the service since then has been a continual stream of link requests. I’m selective about who I approve, limiting it to people I’ve only met in real life. And the net benefit of this selectivity? As far as I can tell, zilch. Nada. Nothing. I did get a cold call from a headhunter once based on my Linked In profile, but I don’t consider that a benefit.

Has this service ever been useful to anyone? I’m telling you, Linked In is the digital equivalent of a chain letter. If you really want to contact a friend of a friend (of a friend), just pick up the phone or send an email. If the only way you can reach someone is through this nutty online social pyramid scheme, you don’t deserve to be taken seriously. And I can guarantee that you won’t be.

On the same day, Techcrunch writes a post on LinkedIn mentioning about introduction of a new service called “Recommend Service Providers” !

I have started believing in what Jeff mentioned about LinkedIn – It is the digital equivalent of chain letter !

It might be too soon on my part to deliver such a verdict, considering the fact that I have just started using it !

What do you guys feel about LinkedIn ? Anybody got any benefit by using this service ?