The longest URL on web !

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StumbleUpon is a nice way to find new sites and today I stumbled upon Its a domain search engine which uses Ajax to display the domain status (i.e taken, available etc). So in a sense its one of the “web 2.0” domain search engine.

I started typing in random words like Googled,Googler etc. Then I started adding o’s to the Google ! And I found that every other domain was taken !

The largest string that I could enter in PCNames search was this:

This had 26 o’s and the domain was taken !

I didn’t want to stop at 26, so I opened the browser and to my wonder I was able to add 33 more o’s.

So finally I had a Google search engine with 59 o’s. Here is the link to what I think is the longest URL on web and the length of the domain was exactly 63.I searched in vain for the owner of this domain :).  (Every other link in this page fails, probably because of the URL length restriction)

(According to the domain registrars, the longest legal domain name is 63 characters starting with a letter or number. According to Wikipeida, domain name includes the “com”, “biz” etc which is probably wrong)

I am wondering why would anyone register all these domains ?

And according to the Guinness book of World records(2002), the longest URL on Web is this ! But the URL beats this by 7 characters !

Is there any other URL/Domain bigger than this ?


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