IE7 out of Beta

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IE7 is officially out of Beta and every other blog in my RSS feed is talking about this !

One post which is worth reading :

Chris Messina – The beast has awoken; or, The beginning of Web 2.0

Also checkout the official post on IE7 release here !

I have been looking at every other Beta Release of IE7 and also had written a post some time back. This picture summarizes the new features.

As I have mentioned in the post, there is not a single feature which is tempting me to shift from Firefox. On the contrary, I am using the RC3 version of Firefox and its working great !

However I finally convinced my mind to at least have a look at the final release ! Also I wanted to check the rendering of my blogs new theme in IE7.

Installation was painful ! I had to restart the system TWICE. For no other browser installation, I had to restart my system. Truly Unique ! On the top of this, the sidebar of the new theme looks totally screwed in IE7.

Now I have to investigate whether its the problem with the CSS or with the IE7 support to CSS standards !

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  • Vasuki Oct 20, 2006 Link

    I admire your patience for trying out that amazing browser called IE!

  • venukb Oct 24, 2006 Link

    Haha…you should have put quotes around amazing like “amazing”.