Alec from CoolIris mailed me regarding PicLens, a new product from CoolIris. (Check my post on CoolIris here)

PicLens is a first-of-its-kind browser plug-in that transforms your browser window into an immersive cinematic experience for viewing web images.

Compared to the traditional, sluggish way of viewing of images of the web, the PicLens viewing experience is vivid and lightning fast. With just one click, PicLens instantly makes images, albums, and even thumbnails come to life through its full-screen browser window. Its slick user interface even lets you channel between images with your Apple(R) remote control.

I don’t have a Mac(Safari browser) and hence not able to see it working ! I am not sure if it would work on Swift (Web browser for Windows based on the Apple WebKit rendering)

However according to the website, windows version is coming out soon :). Meanwhile Paul seems be impressed with this product.