Michael Schumacher – What Next ?

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As many of the die hard Formula 1 fans might be knowing, last weeks Brazilian Grand Prix was Michael Schumacher’s last career race. I have been watching F1 from around 1995/96 and till now I have watched almost all the races with great enthusiasm.

With Schumachers exit, I am not sure If I will ever watch an F1 race with the same enthusiasm. I happened to see some funny videos on the Raceday Program (Star Sports), which was aired before the Brazil Grand Prix.

Here are the 3 videos:
1. Pit Stop

2. Is He Real ?

3. Club Smart

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  • Sreeni Oct 30, 2006 Link

    Well, Schumi has been designated to be a number # 2 to CEO Jean Todt. The rumour mill is working overtime and there is a theory going round the paddocks which says that

    Ross Brawn, Rory Bryne and Schumi would form the fulcrum of a F-1 team (definitely from Germany and potentially a new entrant like AUDI).

    Whatever the new role would be, I would sorely miss him as a racer (and am sure he will continue to be a professional in what ever hat he chooses to don!)

  • Venu Oct 30, 2006 Link

    Starting a F1 team ? Might be ! I am sure he will feel to sit in that car again 🙂

    No prizes for guessing one of the drivers. Ralph Schumacher 🙂

  • Sreeni Oct 30, 2006 Link

    Am 100% positive that there will be no places for the following people in his team

    (a) Jacques “always crying foul” Villeneuve
    (b) David “the chameleon” Coulthard and
    (c) Fernando “am all by myself” Alonso

  • venukb Oct 30, 2006 Link

    Haha, well said, agree on both Jacque and Fernando !
    However I kind of like coulthard, not sure why 🙂

  • Sreeni Oct 31, 2006 Link

    I like certain aspects of David Coulthard too.(especially, his never say die spirit but he is rarely alive & mostly in a comatose state!)

    But I certainly will not forget Spa 1998 and if you recollect the cunning and visibly obvious sudden and drastic braking on a straight …that resulted in Schuey losing his front wing and handing over the championship to Mika Hakkinen, DC finishing like a wounded pussy cat (sorry, can not insult our national animal, tiger) — I do not think he can ask Schuey to apologize and DC does not have any moral high ground to speak about Schuey’s incidents of the past.

    Hence, he is a hypocrite …sycophant …. chameleon!

  • venu Oct 31, 2006 Link

    Righto, I totally forgot about that episode, that was really pathetic thing to do ! And man you still seem to remember all those races ! Great 🙂