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With the advent of DSL, Internet access speed in India has improved a lot. There was a time when I used to download files at 1/2 KB/s and now with my 256kpbs broadband connection, I can get a maximum of 30KB/sec.

The best connection a normal consumer can get as of today is the 512kbps connection which translates to around 60KB/sec download speed. Airtel and BSNL are the major players in the DSL arena.

However from the past few months many are finding it difficult to get a DSL connection and both Bharti and BSNL are saying that they are upgrading their infrastructure to support more users.

This post in Hindu gives a good analysis of what the real problem is !

Cable Internet is another alternative and Sify is a major player is this area. However Sify is plagued with regular outages and this post by Shailja of GigaOM has an interesting perspective on that.

Another alternative is to to access Internet via a Data card. Airtel and Reliance are the 2 players in this area. However the limitation of this alternative is that you need to have a laptop with a PCMCIA slot.

Few days back I got hold of an Airtel Data Card (from my employer) 🙂

Airtel Data card is a PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) card which can be inserted along with a SIM card in your laptop(in PCMCIA Slot). It works on GPRS/EDGE and gives you Anytime Anywhere Connectivity through Internet WIRELESSLY.Your laptop becomes truly mobile and you can access Internet connectivity anytime anywhere.

Airtel Data Card will work anywhere in India if you have Airtel GPRS/EDGE coverage. Airtel Data Card will work internationally where they have GPRS roaming tie up .

Regarding speed this is what Airtel’s website has to say:

On an EDGE network, Airtel Data Card enables connection to the Internet at data speeds up to 100 kbps using EDGE. In areas where EDGE services are not available the Airtel Data Card still enables reliable and secure data connections over GPRS

Snapshot of the Data Card

airtel data card airtel data card


One time cost of the card is around 5K INR. (Few months back it was around 12k !). More details on the different tariff plans can be found here.

Reliance also has a similar service called NetConnect and they are offering the data card for 5K INR. You can check the tariff details here

Also checkout the promotion program being run by Reliance.


The card comes with a software called Mobility Manager. It installs the required drivers for the PCMCIA card. The software also helps you to quickly setup a connection profile to connect to the Internet via GPRS/EDGE. You can also easily send and receive SMS via this mobility manager.

mobility manager

Download Mobility Manager


I could get download speeds upto 84kpbs and for normal web browsing this should be more than sufficient. There are not much options with the current tariff plan, for unlimited download you have to almost shell out 999 INR + taxes !.

One drawback of this service is the need for a laptop with a PCMCIA slot. However if you do have a laptop, you have access to Internet anywhere anytime 🙂

Update: Airtel Data card now available on Indiatimes Shopping and Rediff shoppping

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  • Suresh G Nov 6, 2006 Link

    Hi Venu…

    I am using the Reliance ZTE data connect card…
    I think it has more speed than the Airtel provides..
    144 kbps .(With 240 kbps as the connecting speed).
    Also its using the latest 3G network (CDMA 1X) .

    But i don’t feel its a pre substitue for the broad band connections , bcoz the speed is not good (Downloading @ 7KB/s) and its too coaslty…

    ~ Suresh G

  • Shivaranjan Nov 6, 2006 Link

    Great post Venu which clears up my mind if had to get a Airtel data card. I wish they could have offered atleast 128k speed though 100k speed is enough for the usual browsing but to download those heavy weight windows downloads it would be a pain if we are using this connection.

  • venukb Nov 6, 2006 Link

    Even in the back of the airtel data card box they have mentioned 244kbps.. However in the website they have mentioned 100kbps !

    As far as I know both reliance and datacard are offering the same package at almost similar rates !

    One more thing I noticed is that if the airtel signal is very good, then browsing is much better 🙂

    As I mentioned, I have not yet tested what is the peak I can get out of the card.. I will check and let you know on that. However it will definitely not be like your DSL connection 🙂

    • mugilan Mar 9, 2010 Link

      i have idea to buy the airtel data card:pls tell about ur suggestion for purchase pl give a call to me:+91-9884677644 very urgent :

    • mahesh Mar 22, 2010 Link

      pen dirve airtel data card how many price? i don”t konw me… pls help me for you…..

  • Vineet Nov 19, 2006 Link

    Hi Suresh!
    I am using a Reliance ZTE card and till a few days back, even I had a similar download speed. But then I got in touch with the Reliance Customer Support and they told me [not before giving me many wierd suggestions and excuses!] to download the new driver for the ZTE card that is available on the site (its very easy to find on the web!). From that day, my download speed has really gone up :). I think you should also try the same thing.

  • rishabh Nov 20, 2006 Link


    can nebody help me to make airtel data card work on linux?


  • Venu Nov 20, 2006 Link

    As far as I know the mobility manager which comes with the card has drivers only for windows I guess. Without appropriate drivers you cannot expect the thing to work in Linux.
    Check with the customer care..

  • chetan Nov 20, 2006 Link

    Hi venu,
    Nice blog…
    I am planning to buy a data card. My requirements are good speed and unlimited connectivity.
    I am kinda confused as to which one I shud buy–
    Hutch edge card, airtel data card or reliance netconnect.
    Cost is not a problem for me.. my need are good speed, reliability and coverage..
    What do you suggest?

  • Venu Nov 20, 2006 Link

    i have used airtel card from some time and one thing I observed is that if the signal(radio) strength is good, then you get much better speed

    So compared to hutch and airtel, I would vote for airtel considering the fact that airtel’s coverage is much much better than hutch.

    Now Reliance works on CDMA and as some commenters have pointed out they have got much better speed than compared to airtel !

    So Reliance seems to be a better choice !

  • Suresh S Nov 23, 2006 Link

    Hi All

    I have a laptop and wish to get a data card which one would be the best – Airtel / Hutch / Reliance. I’m confused, Pl. let me know the best one among the three as I dont download much but browse more. Also throw some light on the Roaming area mentioned by Airtel means what?

    • amit arora Dec 18, 2009 Link

      Dear Suresh,
      As u know the Data Card Providers in India. But u rarely see using People data Card of Hutch or airtel. Mostly People use Reliance .Bcause now a days reliance Introduce the fastest Netconnect Data Card with 3.1 mbps speed With Attractive plans..

      For any Query or More Details

      Feel free to Contact with me

      Amit Arora
      Sr. Business Development Executive
      9310401010 , 9313121473

  • Venu Nov 23, 2006 Link

    Suresh, if you don’t download much I would suggest Airtel. I have no idea of how the reliance service is !

    For better connectivity you should have good signal coverage and in that respect airtel is very good.

    However as another suresh has mentioned, reliance works on cdma and he is of the view that reliance has better speed.

    You might also want to compare the prices of Reliance and Airtel Data card. they are coming down rapidly !

  • nareshji Nov 29, 2006 Link

    may i suggest all of you something about data card than read my next post carefully.

  • nareshji Nov 29, 2006 Link

    ok friends,
    i am using airtel mobile on nokia 7610 with usb connectivity and nokia pc suite version 6.82 with out any disconnection problem during such a single 100 MB data files from movie sites
    Just enable MO with Rs 3/- SMS
    use net unlimited download facility for 24 hour at a very very less cost RS/10 per day
    if you dont wish to use net for 2-3 days just UNMO to airtel at a SMS cost of Rs/ 3/-
    so finally your total costing is Rs/16 only and you have no need to purchase highly costing data cards costing 4ooo to 6000/- and again paying 650 to 900 Rs/-per month as a plan charges
    NOTE:- i am using Reliance data card also with my laptop which shows me peak of 11 KBps download speed with new driver as mention above but after 2 minutes average download speed reduces to just 2.3 KB/s which is worst than continus download speed of 4.2 KB/s with my chipest airtel mobile connection

  • siva Dec 2, 2006 Link

    Is there any way that these data cards work for desktops?Can we use PCI to card adapter and make desktops use these cards.i would like to try but if some one who already did this can advice me.

  • siva Dec 2, 2006 Link

    Is there any way that these data cards work for desktops?Can we use PCI to PCMCIA card adapter and make desktops use these cards.i would like to try but if some one who already did this can advice me.

  • Venu Dec 2, 2006 Link

    I guess it should work, but it beats me why you would want to do that. You could as well go for broadband connection.

    You can go for data card if you want internet on the move and if you are not able to get a broadband connection.

    Also before buying do checkup with the airtel cusomter service 🙂

  • siva Dec 5, 2006 Link

    I totally agree with you.But i am talking about the remote places where the broad band connection is not available.I have relatives in manugur Andhrapradesh.They have desktop but BSNL broad band is not available there.So is it a good idea to go for airtel data card or is there any other option.

  • prabhu Dec 13, 2006 Link

    Hi, just came across a device made for Internet called “PocketSurfer.” This gives you desktop kind of performance for browsing with real HTML pages downloading at just 6-7 sec. Data cards, mobile phone connectivity, etc. with the speeds of 100 kbps, don’t be surprised, PocketSurfer is talking about 10x speeds.

    Have a look at it, the device looks cute….

  • venukb Dec 14, 2006 Link

    Hi Prabhu,
    Thanks for pointing out that, however looks like its out of reach for people in India 🙂

  • prabhu Dec 14, 2006 Link

    no venu, it is available in their office in Delhi…..right now has some arrangements in Bangalore……heard that they are also coming out with an Internet Laptop for just 16,000/-……next version of PocketSurfer seems to be with a SIM card holder to automatically connect it………just so nice to see what technology has to offer us today..

  • simha Dec 16, 2006 Link

    I use a Apple power Book, Does data card work on mac OS X 10.4. above, I dont see any mention of these in the relaince or airtel, but hutch mentions it supports mac OS X.
    Kindly suggest which is the best option of the lot.

  • Venu Dec 16, 2006 Link

    Hi Simha,
    You should check up with the customer service. If you have a airtel mobile call 7070
    If not check the FAQ here:

    The customer service phone number for most of the cities is listed in that FAQ.

  • Anand G Dec 17, 2006 Link


    Can anybody suggest me a good data card? I have read all the comments post in this blog and really informative. Thanks for the initiative taken. I am in Chennai and would like to use any of the data card mentioned such as Airtel, Reliance and Hutch.

    Please suggest me what is good in terms of cost, connectivity and quality of service. I am using Company provided Laptop from which I will upload / download upto 100MB per day.


  • Sudhakar Dec 18, 2006 Link


    Any one can suggest how VSNL,Airtel and Reliance datacard working. About Speed/Download/Browsing/Cost/technology variations.

  • Venu Dec 18, 2006 Link

    I have only used the Airtel data card and its decent enough. The price of the card keeps changing every other day. Better to contact customer service for these queries.

    For other cards, we have to rely on the information left by other readers 🙂

    VSNL also has a data card ? Was not aware of it ?

  • Manik Dec 18, 2006 Link

    I have been using the Airtel Data Card for over an year now. I don’t really like the speed offered by Airtel. Is there a possibility of increasing the speed by loading some speed enhancing software. Or is there any upgrade of the airtel mobility manager which could increase the speed?

  • snehasis Dec 19, 2006 Link

    can i configure airtel data card in FC5 with pcmcia_cs mod? or any other way to effectively do so! thanks in advance for any valid hint. regards.

  • Varun Dec 22, 2006 Link

    Hey, I m interested in buying ur data card, so if anyone of u is interested in selling his/her data card u can contact me at or 9910525371 (Delhi-Airtel).

    (Only Airtel/Reliance).

  • Mohan Dec 26, 2006 Link

    Before Choosing Suitable Network, 1st we’ve to check the availability of Network.

    For Optimal Performance an average of 50% should be needed to use it….

    Now Hutch Vs Airtel in the Market…..

  • ashrut Jan 3, 2007 Link

    hey guys,
    I have a similar question as Manik, been using the Airtel Data Card for over a month now. I don’t really like the speed offered by Airtel. I think its abt 5-6 kbps. Any way to measure my actual net speed ?

    like Vineet mentioned increasing their download speeds by downloading a newer driver of the data card.
    Is there a possibility of doing the same with the airtel data card ? Or is there any upgrade of the software which could increase the speed ?
    Vineet/Guys could you help ?? Thanks

  • solvent Jan 13, 2007 Link

    hey guys,

    good to see a discussion in progress. I was searching for some details about data-cards in India. well off the beat, I wanted to find if the data-card can be purchased outside the ISP. The ISP would sell the data card for a high premium. Fact is, if a card that was sold for 12k a month back is now just half the price at 5k INR, guess how much margin the ISP’s would make?

    Have anyone tried to find the data-card from the market outside? Ritchie Street, Mercy electronics? Anyone knows places in Mumbai to buy electronic components?

  • Manish Jan 13, 2007 Link

    Hi everyone !

    So i finally found the discussion for which i’ve been looking for several months. I’ve been a reliance (prepaid) user for over 2 years and have seen several up and downs. I’ve also used the airtel connection for about a year but without data services.

    I’ve been using the internet data services in bangalore and would like to let you know guys few things.

    When i bought my new phone (the Moonlight Phone RD2130 with the data cable) i appreciated the speed coz it was really good ( some 11-15 kbps of download speed ). However the billing was still a problem.

    And now the speed is not great ( being 1-6 kbps ) and there are very frequent disconnections that freaks me out. The billing still is worse. Sometimes i’m not able to figure out where all me balance goes ( the balance in hundreds !! ). When i call reliance customer care they tell me they can’t tell me where all the balance went because the can’t assess the data before 3 days ( Come on we are not fools !! ).

    However to keep myself updated i went to a reliance store to get a demonstration of their data card. So here are the details of data speed tested with

    1st Test : 94 Kbps
    2nd Test : 24 Kbps
    3rd Test : 31 Kbps
    4th Test : 29 Kbps
    5th Test : I couldn’t do it coz the reliance guy was staring at me !

    Something about airtel – – As i’ve told earlier i haven’t used the data services but i have used their voice services and it was remarkable. I had to stop using it coz i lost my phone. Here are few things i noticed about airtel :

    1st : They really have good network coverage ( i mean practical network not the theoritic elephants )

    2nd : hey don’t confuse you with some sick schemes ( ie. No Hidden Agenda what the usual mobile service providers use to cool down the angry customers )

    3rd : They are consistent !

    The bottomline : Go for a reliance data card if you are a risk taker, are economically healthy, look for only top speed and don’t care about the bottom speed, If you are comitted to reliance and If you just want to buy it.

    Go for the Airtel if you expect a consistent service, consistent bills, are network hungry, don’t want to hear bulls**t from customer care people, Not comitted to any particular service provider and respect quality.

  • Chetan Gupta Jan 13, 2007 Link

    This is the mail I wrote to airtel data support a few moments ago….

    Dear support people,
    In reference to my telecon with Mr Amit saxena, I am writing this mail on his advice. This is a mail that I am writing after getting completely frustrated and irritated over the manner in which data services are being run. I purchased an Airtel Data Card on December 1st 2006 and it got activated on 8th december (after full 8 days when the normal period is 4 days.)
    After a few days of normal operation, it stopped working. First of all, the GPRS wont connect and then when it does, the speed is close to nil. This is not wht I had bargained for! I’ve given repeated complaints and inspite of those, nothing substantial has turned out. As a valued customer (hopefully), I need to know that if for a bill, 5 people can call in a day, why cannot the technical service ppl do the same for the problem that I am facing. I dint pay 7000rs for a bad service or should I say no service at all. Inspite of repeated complaints and all the problems that I am facing, your department is prompt to send the bill, no matter if the customer is getting the service or not. Is it ethical on your part?
    I request you to take an immediate action in this regard and if my problem cannot be sorted out, I request you to give me a refund for my money. Also, for the service that I did not get, I am not ready to pay the bill sent out to me.

    I hope something does come out of this mail!

    I hope you can understand the level of service these ppl provide.. I m totally disillusioned at the scene of data services here… i ha dspent more money on artel thinking that ill get a better service but alas.. that was not to be…reliance ppl dont care abt customers.. airtel has no speed … dunno abt hutch and tata..
    I dunno wht more can a person do to get good interenet speed with mobility… i m totally disillusioned!!!!!!!!!!
    Chetan Gupta

  • venukb Jan 13, 2007 Link

    Solvent, I am not sure if the data card bought from other places will work well with the service provider. The airtel data card does come with a mobility manager software which installs the drivers and also the software to manage the connections to internet sms handling etc.

    But that said, there should be ways of making the externally bought data card work with the service provider. Probably somebody should try light on this 🙂

  • venukb Jan 13, 2007 Link

    Ashrut, as I have noticed the speed is very much dependent on the airtel coverage, where coverage is good, you should get good speeds.

    Manish, thanks for shedding some light on Airtel vs Reliance. Your views should help many who are confused when they have to decide between Airtel and Reliance.

    Chetan, I also noticed that the airtel data card customer service doesn’t have the same quality as their mobile/broadband service. I had trouble configuring/using MMS with the data card and I was tossed like a ball between mobile and data card customer service.

    Regarding your connectivity problem, you should check the airtel edge coverage. It shows as a tooltip when you hover around the mobility manager icon in the taskbar. It might be very low in the area where you stay.

  • Gagan Jan 16, 2007 Link


    I am going to India in the beginning of Feb reaching there on the 6th. I am taking my laptop with me this time. I have looked at all the data card options (Airtel, Hutch, Reliance, Tata Indicom) and they all seem to sell the data card for about Rs 5000 to 6000 range. Could one of you suggest me what I should do to get wireless internet on my laptop if I am going to stay in India for 20-22 days without having to buy these costly data cards?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mahesh Jan 17, 2007 Link

    17 Jan07

    Hi !

    I am user of R-Connect for last 2 years.Initially I could get a speed of 9-10 Kbps. But at present I am getting max.3Kbps! I am in search of good speed option. I tried Reliance Data card with my laptop, it could give speed of max.3Kbps ! The demo itself was not satisfactory. Is there any better option? becouse I am in confusion , shall I continue R-Connect with my CDMA Cell or go for DATA CARD?

  • pushpender Jan 20, 2007 Link

    helo every one nice thread

    i want to but a second hand data card aither reliance or airtel in delhi.
    anyone interesting in seling thier data card in delhi can contact at my number 9899249198 ( delhi number )
    call at the earliest
    only airtel/reliance card
    thank you

  • Kedar Patil Jan 24, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu,

    Any idea of what chip the datacard uses? Or the actual manufacturer and model number?

    I am looking for Linux support for this card and would like to do some search on the Internet before I purchase any data card.



  • Venu Jan 24, 2007 Link

    Details that I can make out from the card (Unfortunately I cannot dissect it more 🙂 )

    Option Wireless Technology
    Model : GlobeTrotter Edge
    Datacard: EDGE/GPRS

    Designed in EU by Option
    Made in Ireland by Option

  • Kedar Patil Jan 24, 2007 Link

    Thanks Venu, for the quick reply!

    I see that Option is indeed well supported on Linux.


  • Kedar Patil Jan 24, 2007 Link

    Oh BTW, for the record, I use Airtel ADSL connection with USB modem on Linux.

    Airtel don’t support Linux for their ADSL connection but I am successfully using that USB modem (accessrunner) on Linux for more than a year now. It took me a week to learn to install it but then onwards no problem at all.

    If you want it easy, and if you have Ethernet port, you need to ask for Airtel’s “Ethernet modem” instead of the USB one, which they are usually ready to give you.


  • Chetan Jan 24, 2007 Link

    Hi guyz,
    I had purchased an airtel data acrd in mumbai and since I m moving out of mombai, I want to sell it.
    If anybody is interested lemme know…
    Take care

  • Chetan Jan 24, 2007 Link

    sorry myn number for ur reference is me directly for details of the card and price…

  • R. Suresh Babu Jan 28, 2007 Link

    I am using R connect Data card. Due to signal broblems i had disconnected the services with reliance. Can that data card be used with airtel or tata indicom sim’s for surfing. How do go with it? Pl. suggest.

  • Somu Jan 30, 2007 Link


    Can any one explain me how do I configure GPRS settings in my mobile using airtel Data Card simcard.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Venu Jan 31, 2007 Link

    Suresh, I am not sure you can do that, anyway if it works, do leave a comment here 🙂

    Somu, you should definitely get in touch with the airtel customer service and they should send you the setting based on the phone model.

  • sunny Feb 6, 2007 Link

    Hi Guys,

    I wanted to purchase a Datacard preferably reliance., if anyone wanted to sell., pls call me sunny 9820 9820 23 ( Mumbai )

    Tank you, 🙂

  • rajneesh kusk lucknowumdeep complex chow Feb 6, 2007 Link

    intrested in data card

  • Reena Feb 9, 2007 Link

    I am so so glad I came across these posts! I am visiting bombay for a week’s holiday and plan to bring my laptop along. i think i already have a pcmcia card inbuilt in it. will this work on a hutch prepaid mobile account and how can i enable it?

    • Hari Dec 10, 2009 Link

      Hi, please call 9901707944.

  • Sumit Feb 11, 2007 Link

    I have been using Airtel GPRS for sometime and my experience has been really good. I am astonished by the speeds i am able to get using GPRS (connecting with my computer wuth USB cable). I am Nokia 6681 which is another amzaing Series 60 symbian phone.

    Airtel charges Rs 7 per day (prepaid only. postpaid rates are unreasonably high) for an unlimited download internet connection through their Mobile Office Service. I connect to my computer using a data cable. Connecting to the internet is fast. It takes about 3-4 seconds ans he line speed is 460 kbps. While downloading i regularly get sustainable speeds of 18-20 KB/s which is amazing considering those DSL connections from MTNL / VSNL where you get only 7-8 KB/s after paying a lot more (and that too with download restrictions). WIth P2P app you gets upto 25 KB/s.

    I would say that is more than expected for a wireless connection. I am loking out for EDGE rollout. Hail Airtel.

  • Raghavendra Feb 13, 2007 Link

    Hi ..
    I have a airtel data card whic i would like to sell , its a new card just one and 10 days old. I don’t have PCMCIA slot in my HP laptop i bought from US, anyone one interested just mail on

  • spandan Feb 13, 2007 Link

    nice blog…
    can some one clarify that the speeds in using a EDGE based phone and airtel connection to get onto the net. I thought that the limitation in speed in using such a connection is only due to the cable that one uses to connect to the laptop.

    depending on that i might go for a cheap nokia 3220/3230, which goes for 3500 rs, and surf the net rather than invest so much in a datacard.

    secondly in case i go for a net over mobile., would it make a difference in speeds in case it has class 6 edge or class 10 edge.


  • ppanl Feb 14, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu,

    I am in London. I would like to come to India and use the Internet. Basically I want it to use only for 1 month. I have got a laptop with PCMCIA Slot. I would like to buy a DataCard for 1 month or so. Do the companies over there give me such an option as Pay as you go?

    If possible can you advice me on this


  • Venu Feb 15, 2007 Link

    Hi ppnal,
    I checked with the customer service, they told that there is no such option, you have to buy the card 🙂

    Sumit mentioned that using a GPRS phone he was getting much better speeds. I am not sure what you mean by EDGE based phone.

  • spandan Feb 15, 2007 Link

    thanks venu
    by egde based i meant a phone which not only uses gprs but also Edge to provide faster speeds …does anyone here use a 3220 to surf the net…


  • ppanl Feb 15, 2007 Link

    Thanks Venu for the feedback. Also have you got a rough idea how much does it cost. And also do I need to be bound by a contract for 6 months etc?

    Once again Thank you very much.

  • venukb Feb 17, 2007 Link

    Hi Ppanl,
    The datacard would cost around 4-5K INR, i am not if it has reduced now. Also checkout the comment thread of this post,few of them have offered to sell the card, you might get a good bargain there 🙂

    Also if possible, I would suggest you to contact this customer service number +0919845907070. It will take you directly to the customer service executive.

  • Harshal Feb 19, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu,
    Read the above discusion. Even I was in a fix as to what data card I should opt for!! I am a complete novice about data cards. I stay in Bangalore and want to know if I get a Reliance Data card, can I use it out of Karnataka. Can I use it at any place I move with my laptop even out of Karnataka.
    Thnx for the blog.

  • Harshal Feb 19, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu,
    Also want to know, how feasible will be to buy a second hand data card?

  • Sujay Feb 19, 2007 Link


    @Kedar Patil: You can use AirTel’s Ethernet modem/router with Linux instead of the USB one. Also I have found the Ethernet one a lot more stable and faster compared to the USB. (I had an ADSL2+ Ethernet router :))

    I too went through a similar dilemma of choosing between AirTel, Reliance and Hutch for a datacard. Hutch got elimited early on because of VERY HIGH costs, not having an “unlimited” plan and abyssmal network coverage.

    Finally, I went for the Reliance option. I got the Netconnect Platinum (unlimited plan with a PCMCIA card) one. So far, I have no regrets. I was happy that the card worked out of the box for me, though the Web World guy asked me to wait till 4pm (it was around 11am at that time) before trying.

  • Navdeep Feb 21, 2007 Link

    Very informative, just what I needed, as I am also thinking of buying a Data card. Am not able to figure out which one to buy, Iam using the airtel cell and am getting decent signal strength, am using tata walky for net and it is pathetically slow. I need a net connection with good downloading speed, I have Toshiba laptop with the slot. There is no broadband connection at this place. Can someone pl tell me if airtell data card down loading speed is more than 20kbps.

  • Sidharth Feb 21, 2007 Link

    Hi guys…
    I am using a much better and cheaper option for mobile internet connection for laptop users.. i use a dell alptop and it doenst have have a PCMCIA slot instead it has the newer express card slot… so i was forced to look for an alternative… now i found an incredible one… i use an N72 and a airtel psotpaid connection…thing is i have activated 30 rs er month unlimeted downloads Moblie office service… it shows 460.5 kbps connection and gives an excellent strenght of about 50kBps… this i found out from a torrent managment software !!

    imagine — its monthyly cost for me is about 350 + 299 voice plan +about 500rs bill… which comes to 1100… that too for such a nice speed and a full postpaid voice connection 🙂

  • Venu Feb 21, 2007 Link

    Hi Sidharth,
    I guess sumit also mentioned about the amazing speed you get via mobile office service, looks like a good option.

    And yes with a 460kbps connection you should easily get 50KBps. But do they have a unlimited bandwidth plan ?

    Navdeep, probably you should look at this option !

  • Chetan Gupta Feb 21, 2007 Link

    I have a 1 month used airtel data card. It is under 2 months warranty. I have broadband at my new home so aint using it anymore. I m willing to sell it for Rs. 4000/-. If anyone interested, do call me at 09810718489.
    I am based at Gurgaon rt now.

  • Chetan Gupta Feb 21, 2007 Link

    Sorry the warranty is for 2 yrs… Sorry for the mistake!

  • Sidharth Feb 21, 2007 Link

    @Venu…they used to have a plan for 299…with limited usuage… but now they have a 350rs plan unlimted usuage !!!!

  • Pooja Feb 21, 2007 Link

    Hi Sidharth/Venu…

    I even used Nokia N93, which supports Class 32(EDGE), 296 kbps; ( better than N72 which supports Class 10, 236.8 kbps).. with full signal strength(Airtel), i am getting download speed of 2-3Kbps.. browsing is ok.. but not like datacard… even i used Airtel datacard of my friend on my laptop it has better browsing speed. I got upto 10kbps download speed. Right now i am using Reliance USB modem.. that supports upto 153.kbps transfer rate and download speed of 5-10kbps.. According to my experience for mobile browsing..

    1. Airtel Datacard-max of 10kbps is best…as Airtel network is best…
    2. Reliance-max of 8 Kbps-2nd
    3. Mobile Phone(Edge)-max of 5kbps
    4. Mobile Phoen(GPRS)-max of 5kbps(***Tested with motoraola v3i supports Class 10 GPRS 32 – 48 kbps)
    As i am work on tele-communication domain.. any one can contact me for further details..
    One more thing for laptops.. datacard that goes completely inside the PCMCIA slot no head ache of USB connectivity…
    If you connect to Internet using datacable and phoen.. it is not true mobility at all!!.. hanging cables:-) even if you use bluetoooth…u cannot make call/ recive calls while using mobile as modem….

  • Sidharth Feb 22, 2007 Link

    yes true the N93 does have class 32… and N72 is class 10… but i get theoretical speeds of 460.5kbps … if calculated i should get 57.5 KBps..give or take a few kbs.. and the real world speed i get is 50KBps… this is proved by a torrent manager and normal downloads i use…

    i think u must have used the service froma prepaid sim..the 12 rs per day one..thats why u dont get this speed…(otherwise i have no idea as to how i get this speed !!)

    also my laptop doesnt have a PCMCIA slot !!! it has the newer Expresscard slot..the format in which sadly no indian service provider is giving their datacards…

    also pooja whats ur email id ? am studying in the IT field and would like some help from you regarding mobile communication and stuff…

  • Pooja Feb 22, 2007 Link

    Hi Sidharth…
    I use Airtel postpaid connection….i think u r talking abt the speed shown by task bar at right bottom of PC… that is a just eye catcher… don’t go on that man….. even if i connect basic gprs enabled motorola phone…it shows 254Kbps….!!! amazing speed true broadband speed… but when it comes to download… it shows up its right character………torrent or download accelerator might increase the speed a little bit…. i agree with u if u get a max speed of upto 100kbps not avg speed…don’t feel bad ok….. u might feel what u r using is the fastest… unless u experience better ones…. as i used to use dail up connection for Internet… i know how things are changed now…
    If u don’t have PCMCIA slot .. Express card is the next generation card slot be happy… u are way ahead of others.. Airtel is also cmg up with Express data i know one datacard person…personally….within 6 months…
    you can also go for Reliance USB modem… its easy to carry very lightweight… i feel much better than Edge enabled mobile…
    Here is my

  • yogesh Feb 24, 2007 Link

    Hi Pooja/Sidharth

    Did you guys ever tried VPN connectivity over mobile phone (GPRS/EDGE) ? Just wondering does it allow VPN connectivity over mobile phone (GPRS/EDGE).


  • Anjan Feb 26, 2007 Link

    Thanks a lot to all.
    I am in Hyderabad and was wondering for an wireless connection.
    Already checked reliance demo which was pathetic.
    Tata people denied for a demo. But it seems airtel data card is the best.
    Actually looking for a data card as it’s wireless.
    Can’t understand why wireless connection is so pathetic in our country while the whole world is taking its adventage.
    Is Airtel data card connection is roaming free?


  • RAJIV Feb 26, 2007 Link

    hi venu/pooja/sidharth

    can any one tell me is their any way i can increase speed, i am useing airtel data card, card speed is no good.
    have i made a mistake, wasted money on this?

    well, their is one more problem, i am getting attacks on my notebook, plz anyone can tell me y? or wat can i do bout it?
    plz mail me –


  • gurinder Mar 1, 2007 Link

    great confusion regarding data cards and which has the best speeds. of concern is that having contacted reliance/tata/airtel have not been able to get demo and no one fropm these companies has called back obviously they dont need customers! What level of after sales service?

  • Smit Mar 2, 2007 Link

    I want to check if it is possible to skype video chat using the reliance data card or the airtel data card?

  • VijayRagavan Mar 3, 2007 Link

    Yes, I went to airtel oulet in chennai for a demo for their data card. But they can’t arrange it. I asked if any other outlet is having that facility. They told that no branch have that facility of giving a demonstration.

    The thing is, they can’t arrange even a laptop and a data card for a demo, which cost’s only 40 or 50 thousands.

  • pushpender Mar 3, 2007 Link

    hello guys,

    if there is anybody from the Delhi region who want to sell his reliance data card than give me a call at 9899249198 or mail me at

    i m really in a need of a reliance data card and if you are looking for a good deal than give me a call at the earliest. 9899249198


  • ANUP Mar 3, 2007 Link

    hi guys,
    I m planning to buy a data card for my laptop.but i need help from u guys on the following topics:

    1) will the reliance data card work across india? i m constantly on the move. suppose i buy the card in Pune n then move to Agartala,then again move to bangalore in a week…will the data card be working everywhere? or it will work only at the circle where i buy it from?

    2) Reliance has GSM networks in the north-east of india, but not CDMA will the data card work there?

  • Raghu Mar 4, 2007 Link

    Airtel datacard for sale, 1month old call 9880701581 (Bangalore)

  • Pradeep Mar 6, 2007 Link

    Hi guys … i’m planning to buy a datacard for my laptop… just wanted to check if the tata/ reliance cards are supported on linux …. Thanks in advance ….

  • raghu Mar 7, 2007 Link

    Hi Guys,

    I found these blogs useful for newly datacard buyers. It is very difficult to judge which one is best from above blogs.
    We don’t have any good service providers which satisfies the customer needs i.e speed. Main reason behind this is lack of infrastructure and don’t know when we will get the reliable service.

    Can any one suggest, which datacard is comparatively good in terms of speed in downloading.


  • Owiz Mar 8, 2007 Link

    Hi, I am getting between 550 bytes to 3kbps download speed using a Nokia 6680 (EDGE capable) with a laptop on the airtel network in Chennai. This page took nearly a minute to load. The signal strength is maximum and the connection is through a reliable Bluetooth connection. Using the same setup, the Hutch network gives me up to 14 kbps. I have also tried a p990 (Not EDGE capable) with roughly similar results. Both connections are prepaid connections. The airtel connection is unlimited @ Rs.375 pm., while the hutch connection costs 5p for 10kb along with a monthly rental of Rs.200.

    I called airtel to complain about it but they were not at all responsive. I really don’t see why they are offering this service, if they can’t provide at least 8-10 kbps. I think Tata Indicom’s vdata card is getting some good reviews. However, they don’t seem to be offering their unlimited “plan 1500” anymore with that card. I really need an unlimited plan with at least 12-16 kbps.

  • Ankit Malhotra Mar 10, 2007 Link

    Can anybody tell me whether Reliance data card is supported under Linux natively with either the PCMCIA or the USB interface. If yes then which interface is supported.

  • Aarthi Mar 16, 2007 Link

    Hi there,
    i have a airtel data card but now i have a small problem. i’ve accidentally broken the data card- the top portion (small thing where airtel is written) wich comes out n goes in the data card, has come off. Can u tel me d use of tht thing? Wil it make a difference to d workin of d data card?
    Pls do get back to me.

  • Venu Mar 17, 2007 Link

    Looks like I have got company 🙂 I also broke the antenna; its so badly designed and the laptop bags are not designed to accommodate these extra things and while keeping the notebook inside the bag, I also managed to break it.

    However I was able to put in back and I have not seen any change in the functionality, its working fine, I guess that thing was used to get better connectivity in low signal areas.

  • Aarthi Mar 17, 2007 Link

    Hi venu..
    thanks a ton for replying back.. u cant imagine how relieved i am !!!! I am technologically challenged n was dead scared !! (it is my dad’s u kno! n i stil havent mustered up d courage to tel him d ‘good news’!! but wen i eventually do tel him, i am gonna keep ur comments on my PC screen to show him tht its alrite!) 🙂
    God bless ya! 🙂
    Wil be reverting bak to u if i face further probs, hope u dont mind!

  • lepakshi verma Mar 17, 2007 Link

    i hv just bought a hp laptop

    there is no PCMCIA slot but express card slot

    due u know which all company hv express cards for internet

    pl let me know

  • Manoj Mar 18, 2007 Link

    hi everybody there

    I am a day trader in share market engaged in doing online share trading through internet. I need a good speed internet connection from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm (share market timings). Its ok when I am stationed and using any wired internet connection but since I need to be in touch with the market on the move too, I need a wireless internet connection. I have read so many comments on various data cards and connecting through mobile phone. can any body suggest me a device (data card,mobile,expresscard) which is consistant in nature. I am a airtel prepaid subscriber too. Please suggest me one device/service provider which can fullfill my requirement of a consistent mobile internet.

  • GN Viswanath Mar 19, 2007 Link

    Hello ,

    Please help me to deside a data card , How do you rate

    Airtel ,Relence , Tataindicom .

    With your rating i can deside

    THanks in advance
    GN Viswanath

  • aspect Mar 21, 2007 Link

    I am working in a rural location where the uplink is via an Airtel datacard. The connection speed seems very inconsinsistent, and not up to its full potential. I notice the card has a socket for an external antenna: does anyone have experience of using such? Or can point me in the direction of finding a reputable but inexpensive supplier for external antennae to match?

    Thanks in advance. I have found this forum very enlightening!

  • nitin Mar 22, 2007 Link

    Reliance data card for sale. One day old. I’m moving abroad so need to sell it. I bought it in SHIMLA but I believe the ownership can be changed to the customers location. On warranty for one year. Contact- 09816517345

  • Rangoo Mar 22, 2007 Link


    Thanks for this informative blog.

    I purchased an Airtel Data Card in end of February 2007 and the experience has been horrible.

    I haven’t been able to connect to the internet at times and even when I do, it takes 30 minutes to open a single webpage if I keep refreshing it again and again.

    I’ve contacted the Airtel customer support again and again and they have no clue why this is happening. The technicians here must be the dumbest ones Airtel has ever hired, because they spend a whole day just staring at my laptop and didn’t know what to do. I’ve tried everything – call the customer support, email them, submit a complaint, go to the service center – BUT NOTHING TILL NOW!

    Chetan Gupta, did you get any response to the email you sent to the customer support? If not, do you want to join me in sending a complaint? I am planning to go to consumer court and also write to newspapers if need be. The Airtel Data Card is worthless and no one else should get cheated by this company.

    If anyone wants to join me in sending the complaint, please contact me at

    Venu, can I give a link to your blog on my website – I would like my website members to be aware of the problems they might have to face if they make the mistake of buying an Airtel Data card.



  • Venu Mar 22, 2007 Link

    Hi Rangoo,
    Feel free to link the post. I do agree that airtels customer service on data card front is pathetic.

    Meanwhile I have got hold of a Cingular Wireless card and believe me its amazing. Probably should write a comparison of Cingular vs Airtel 🙂 Anybody interested in reading that 🙂

  • Rangoo Mar 22, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu,

    Wow that was quick 😀 I would love to read the review of Cingular Wireless. Will it ever be available in India 🙁

    I think the only way we can get customer un-friendly companies like Airtel and Reliance (oh yes, I have a horrible customer support story about Reliance too – would love to share it if anyone is interested) to get their act straight is to fight for our right and also use the power of the web to pass on this message to other prospective customers. What say, readers?


  • Aarthi Mar 23, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu and Rangoo,
    Its really disheartening to see d sorry state of functioning of d so called reputable companies like airtel n reliance…
    I bought the airtel data card only to see my money go down d drain as aftre the installation the net worked only ONCE!!! I called up d airtel guys n they said they wil send some1 over for a demo.
    i do agree wit u Rangoo, that prospective buyers should be wel aware of d inferior products such as dis airtel data card and yes, net seems the obvious reason..
    Infact i reached this blog site after i follwed the thread in google. N Venu, THANK U FOR DIS PLATFORM.. i m glad i can vent my fury n frustration somewhere!!!!


  • Rangoo Mar 23, 2007 Link

    Hi Aarthi,

    I can understand how you feel. When these companies want their money, they are willing to call us four or five times a day and assure us that they have the best customer support in the whole world.

    But once we purchase their product, they just don’t care after that and run after the next prospective customer.

    I’m putting together a petition page where anyone who has been scammed by Airtel can share their story and we will then send it to the Airtel Office, newspapers and any place that can help us get our money back. If you want to join me, just let me know.

    A big thanks to Venu for this page – I would have saved a lot of money if I had just done a Google Search on Airtel Data card before I purchased it!


  • twinkle Mar 24, 2007 Link

    i am with rangoo
    i too faced the same problem(Reliance and Airtel)
    both are two side of the dirty coin
    Reliance Customers Care are realy horrible only cutting money on the name of rworld and rconnect and sms misbehaving with customers and robbing customers reliance brother airtel on the other hand is also the same always deactivating the gprs and on calling customer care saying it will be activated withing 24hr. or 48hr. and the saga continues it never end 24hr. and 48hr. never end if you want to use it the only option is to get another sim for few months only because the same problem wil going to happen with it within few month in future so we must unite together fight against such cheaters

  • Rangoo Mar 24, 2007 Link

    Hi Aarthi and anyone who has been frustrated by the Airtel Data Card/Airtel Customer Support,

    I’ve just posted my story on and plan to send this link to all Airtel Offices and newspapers. If you have an Airtel Customer Support horror story, please post a comment on this website.

    Venu, thanks for giving us this platform – I’ve linked to your blog and am also sending this link to my subscribers 🙂



  • Cibin TG Mar 24, 2007 Link

    hello I’m using a compaq V3035TU with express slot, is there any option to get a express edge data card for my Airtel or Hutch in kerala?

  • Pradeep Nair Mar 26, 2007 Link

    Hi Guys …. I have opted for the Tata Indicom VDatacard and it till now has been a nice choice. Firstly, the speed is amazing, connectivity is superb and the customer support is responsive. I am happy with their services. Also, it is well supported on linux… Just thought of sharing with you guys…


  • Harsha Mar 27, 2007 Link

    After reading the blog last week I was not prepared to shell out 5000 for a data card, so on a trial basis i decided to take the “hutch access” option in bangalore, I have taken the 499 per month plan which has 500 mb free usage, unfortunately hutch does not have a unlimited plan, i am connecting through my Motorola L6 phone, i think L6 does not have EDGE, but on connecting i get a tool tip indicating 230.6 kbps. Haven’t downloaded anything yet, hotmail home page took about 6 seconds (i have selected do not show pictures in the internet explorer settings) and logging in and viewing the inbox took about 10 seconds. I think this is ok for normal browsing and checking mail.

  • Rangoo Mar 27, 2007 Link

    My battle with Airtel and it’s non-responsive, customer-unfriendly customer support continues…. the short story is, they keep saying someone will come and help me, but they never do. I’ve got infinite number of assurances and only assurances – no customer support, no connectivity.

    A fair warning to all prospective data card buyers, don’t go for Airtel Data Card EVER!

    If you want to hear the long story read my blog at And I will keep you updated on if at all I get this issue resolved.



  • Karthik Mar 28, 2007 Link

    I have a new Dell Inspiron that supports only Express Card and i am not sure if this Airtel data card is compatible so please let me knwo if i can go for this.

  • Sri Mar 29, 2007 Link

    Hi All,

    Have a question. I am planning to take Airtel Data card, however wondering if the speed would be enough for voice chat applications like Skype or Gtalk or yahoo messenger.

    Any inputs are greatly appreciated.


  • Anuj Naager Mar 30, 2007 Link

    Hi all,
    Well this is my problem. I am like a lot others trying to decide between datacards of airtel, hutch and reliance. I happen to be in Lucknow and as of now Airtel is slow here. But how does one go about aquiring a Hutch connection? I went to the Hutch shop and they told me that they do not sell the hardware and that i should go to the Nokia center to buy myself a data card. I found that really wierd and after that is has just been a wild goose chase with even the Hutch Customer Care not knowing what i was talking about. If any here uses or has used a Hutch data card, please tell me how you went about getting the connection.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Rangoo Mar 31, 2007 Link

    Hi Everyone,

    Check this info that I got right from the Airtel people themselves – they have NO REFUND POLICY. So try whatever you might, you won’t get your money back. All they can do (if they are willing) is to replace your Data Card.

    At least after I created the blog, a manager from the Airtel Office contacted us, sent someone to take the data card back and said he will try to make it work. I’ll keep you updated on whether I get a working data card or not – check my blog at


  • DEAN LEWIS Apr 1, 2007 Link

    I have an iBook G4 no pcmcia slots, is there a usb card i can get to use on this damn mac? or cant i just connect my aiport card to some service?

  • Manish Apr 3, 2007 Link

    Airtel Data card sucks in realtime for me. 🙁 I Just purchased Sony Vaio and i was looking for a good internet connection. Someone suggested me to go with Airtel and i paid 4800Rs. for that. Now problem start when i tried to install Mobility manager software. I tried to contact their customer support but no response at all, Finally i decided to sell it to someone.

    Don’t buy airtel datacard. 🙁

  • syed Apr 8, 2007 Link

    I’d bought HP pavilion notebook and with that I got Reliance datacard(Huwaei-USB) by paying 3-month advance payment of the rentals. First of all, The datacard doesn’t support Windows Vista(They’d told me this after the payment).

    I tried browsing that with my desktop(XP) and when it got connected it said speed as 290Kbps but the moment I started browsing and downloading, the speed was just 3Kbps…

    I’d lodged the complaint and now they are telling that the Vista support is out…God knows where this is leading…

    One suggestion: Go back to stoneage days with ur timemachine, Atleast u live peacefully.

  • Vipan Apr 8, 2007 Link

    Hi everyone, I came across the blog through google (I think all new ones must have arrived through the same route-:). Useful stuff here stopped me in my tracks while I was about to buy one of airtel or reliance cards for my dell laptop. I am curious why there are no comments about tata indicomm data card- I thought that is ubiquitous when I come across travelers at most airports. Is Tata solution worse than airtel or reliance? Comments will be appreciated.

  • venukb Apr 8, 2007 Link

    Pradeep Nair had a positive feedback on Tata cards. Do check his comment. I am sure going through all the 111 comments is difficult 🙂
    Do search for Tata and you would find some comments on that card as well !

  • Amit Thusu Apr 13, 2007 Link

    Dear Arti, veeru and rangoli, etc.

    Though i have found that there are problems with using data cards from all of these Airtel, relliance and Edge. But as you know, using wireless internet is my necessity, so i may have to choose better of the worst.

    So, i seek your final ratings on the three brands of datacards.

    I am sure you will provide your suggestions, that will guide me to fulfill my purpose.

    Thanks and Cheers!!!


  • Vidhya Apr 14, 2007 Link

    I have a reliance netconnect USB data card for sale.Please contact me at asap as i il be leaving abroad.Its Huawei Ec325 reliance netconnect card.It can be used for both Laptops and PC as its a USB connector.Speedwise i feel on the average its good.I use it to do browsing,voice chat.
    Please let me know.


  • BEENWATCHED Apr 14, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu,

    Its really nice blog .and I appreceate to get a much healthy discussion with lots of inputs .I have been using a Airtel data card and the speed was quite good.I would also like share few comments.

    Rangoo was quite unsatisfied.I would like to give my comments hope it might be helpful to him.

    The better the coverage and better equipped the operator is with Data carrying Hardware in a particular location the best you can expect for good speed.

    Most of the time the operators so called “Base Stations” or Towers which are more visible in evry Gulli and Nukkad are not equipped to cater Data traffic.

    Rangoo try toget some one in technical team of the ISP whose services you are using .and ask if your nearest basestation does support these features.

    As a personal interest to help you can you please tell your location.


  • Rangoo Apr 15, 2007 Link

    Hi BeenWatched,

    I’ve tried everything you mention in your comment – if you don’t believe me, check my blog where I’ve mentioned each frustrating encounter I had with the Airtel Customer support right up to the Manager! You can read all about it at

    The latest update on my case is that it’s going to take a few months to get this resolved – which might as well mean never! So I’ve got the card deactivated and I am using BSNL Broadband for now.

    BeenWatched, if you want to contact me, you can do so at – my location is mentioned in the blog.


  • parambyte Apr 17, 2007 Link

    dean lewis and other mac users…’the chinese data cards used by indian carriers are not Mac friendly. your best bet is to find a Motorola/Nokia/Sony Ericsson EDGE mobile phone and connect via bluetooth/usb. check for details at

  • Sen Apr 18, 2007 Link

    Hi Syed,

    With ref to your below Statement ,I agree with you because I am also one of the Victim for same reason, Reliance Infocom is giving such an Irritating service which is realy disgusting and un digestable , By Google search I found an posting ,So I wish to share the same with you . I dont know wheather it works because even I have to check the same .Let us hope for the best Mail me back to if it works also if u found some other way

    Below posting has been done by Apurva (Hi Apurva !! Thanks for your Valuabe Postings )

    Just bought a HP DV6226US Laptop from the US. The OS is Windows Vista Home Premium.

    My Reliance USD Data Card EC325 did not work at the first go. I had to play around a bit to get this to work.

    1. Install the Reliance Netconnect software from the CD.

    2. If the Huawei Connect software does not recognize the Data card, go to Device Manager.

    Vista will assign multiple ‘data interface’ devices under the ‘Other devices’ category for the data card.

    Right click the device, select ‘Update Driver Software…� and browse to Reliance CD. Make sure ‘Include Subfolders’ is checked.

    Repeat for all other ‘data interface’ devices. Vista should indicate the successful installation of the following devices:

    – HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Modem
    – HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface

    3. Shutdown and re-start the laptop. Restart the Huawei connect software and Connect. If you get a “Connection Failed: Please check the wireless device or the Settings of the Network connection” , you will need to setup a DUN manually:

    – Click ‘Start’ and ‘Connect To’
    – Click on ‘Set up a connection or network’
    – Select ‘Set up a dial-up connection’ and click Next
    – Select the data card modem.You will be prompted to choose between Huawei Modem and Huawei Data/Fax — Select Huawei Modem
    – Enter #777 into the dial-up phone number field
    – Enter username and password and enter ‘Reliance’ or something similar as the connection name
    – Click Connect

    If all goes well, you will be connected to the Reliance Wireless Network. Going forward, you will need to use this Network connection whenever you need to connect to their network — The Huawei Connect program may not work.

    My guess is that the second Huawei Data/Fax device is causing the Huawei Connect program to fail. If somehow this second Fax device can be removed or uninstalled, things may work normally. Will check into this and post my findings.

    Good luck and drop me an email at if you have any queries.


    PS: By the way, if you call Reliance Support at *333, they will promptly tell you that the Data Card does not support Vista and that they have mentioned it clearly
    on the Data Card packaging box (which is true). Not much helpful isn’t it

    Apr 8th, 2007 at 12:01 pm

    I’d bought HP pavilion notebook and with that I got Reliance datacard(Huwaei-USB) by paying 3-month advance payment of the rentals. First of all, The datacard doesn’t support Windows Vista(They’d told me this after the payment).

    I tried browsing that with my desktop(XP) and when it got connected it said speed as 290Kbps but the moment I started browsing and downloading, the speed was just 3Kbps…

    I’d lodged the complaint and now they are telling that the Vista support is out…God knows where this is leading…

    One suggestion: Go back to stoneage days with ur timemachine, Atleast u live peacefully.

  • Vipan Apr 19, 2007 Link

    FWIW, I checked Tata Indicomm sales center a week back and they claim to have run out of stock. I also come across most people using these cards and, interestingly, this blog (it is excellent otherwise) does not get more than a couple people relating their Tata experience. Could it be due to the Blog header?

    Thanks for reading.
    Vipan – still undecided on the service.

  • Chaitanya Bharat Apr 24, 2007 Link

    Airtel is worst u may as well go to alternative networks like hutch edge which is one of the best the plans are

    Hutch EDGE card cost Rs 5,999

    Monthly Rental (Rs) 499 699
    Free Data 500 MB 1GB
    Usage Charges* 5 Paise/10KB 5 Paise/10KB

  • Mohit Kumar Apr 29, 2007 Link

    Great Post Man. Hey I would like you to know one more thing that you can even use it with your desktop PC. As i am using it right now, all you have to do is to buy a PCMCIA slot. Well i am not sure about the price as my brother bought it ffor me from pune..

  • Tayi Apr 30, 2007 Link

    Have an Airtel Data card for sale. It is less than a month old. Selling as i am leaving to US shortly. I am in Bangalore. Anyone interested can call at 9886670533. Price is 4500 negotiable.

  • Dasmeet May 1, 2007 Link


    After reading this blog, I decided to pay that extra monthly charge and bought a Hutch Edge Data Card in Mumbai.. Well, it got activated in 8 Hrs and speed has been good so far (more than what I expected from a mobile network ;))

    Just wondering.. has anyone tried using any other sim in their existing cards.. for example all those who are stuck with Airtel Cards.. try putting a Hutch sim in the Data Card Sim Slot… Does it work?

  • richard May 1, 2007 Link

    i m using sony w810i with airtel mobile office gprs network on my hp laptop, it connect with 225 kbps and gives more than enough download speed of 20kbps,
    and its really cheap
    15rs/day with unlimited use
    thanx to airtel

  • shantur May 5, 2007 Link

    Hi !!
    Seems lot of you guys are having Airtel Data Card.
    Can anyone of you give me the firmware of the Card.

    Actually, i am having some troubles with mine.
    Mine is a Option GlobeTrotter EDGE Card but its unbranded.
    So i want Airtel Firmware to use it with Airtel.

    If any one can help


  • Airtel Datacard for Sale - 2 weeks old May 7, 2007 Link


    I want to sell my Airtel Datacard which is 2 weeks old.
    The reason is, my company is providing Broadband for employees.

    Please contact


  • joseph May 8, 2007 Link

    i want to know how i could speed up my dail up connection, please tell me want program or software i could use please. u see am running my internet access from my mobile phone and its too too slow, please help me out?

  • Sakith May 11, 2007 Link

    I wanted to use a PCMCIA data card for browsing and downloading on the move. Somebody please suggest which one to go for. Any body selling data card at a cheap rate. Please contact me on

  • mahesh May 13, 2007 Link

    just i am using airtel GPRS internet the speed of this is 105kbps but iam not satified in this i want to increase this speed

  • shantur May 13, 2007 Link

    Hi Mahesh,

    This is the maximum speed which you can get through EDGE Technology provided by Airtel and other networks.


  • I AM CHEATED BY AIRTEL May 14, 2007 Link

    Hi Rangoo and the other victims…
    Mine is also the same problem.
    I am planning to go to consumer forum at any cost.
    Please call me on 9945311699 or give me your mobile number.
    I am eager to speak to you guys.
    Lets go to court…
    Lets fight..

    Thanks & Regards

  • Amresh Kumar May 21, 2007 Link

    I want to buy Data card . But some problem with me. I confused in chosing card. Airtel is best but Vodafone coming in India(buying Hutch) , so I aspect Hutch – Vodafone combind provide good , chipper , better and like 3G type speed.You know Voadfone provide world best wirless , mobile 3G internet.Only 2 month rest in comingcompletely to Vodafone in India , so what solution for me .

  • Shekhar Chaudhari May 21, 2007 Link

    Hi Friend’s,
    I want ot buy Airtel Data Card ,Plz give address where can i get it in pune ?
    If you provied me it’s plans and coast of card then it’s very helpful for me .

  • I want to sell my card May 21, 2007 Link

    Hi Sekhar,

    I want to sell my card which i have used for less than 10 hours and it is 3 weeks old.

    Contact me on 09945311699


  • venukb May 21, 2007 Link

    Hi Amresh,
    3G and HSPDA networks might take some time to launch in India. Till then we are stuck with these GPRS/EDGE networks provided by Reliance/Bharti and Hutch.

    Shekar, you would find contact information for airtel datacards at the FAQ page.

  • Sidharth May 21, 2007 Link

    Hi shekhar go to any Airtel company shop… or if u want to go down to the main office in swar gate.. u cant miss it…

  • Manish May 22, 2007 Link

    hi there,

    I am using the GPRS service of Airtel Agartala through my mobile Sony W700i. The connectivity shows 115 kbps, however during any download it shows 1-1.5 kbps. also opening any site also takes a lot of time.

    Can somebody tell me how to increase the speed of my GPRS.

  • Shekhar Chaudhari May 22, 2007 Link

    Where r u boss i am in pune ,If you r in pune then plz let me know when can we meet for the same.
    plz carry bill and all when you come with your data card

  • Hi Shekhar May 22, 2007 Link

    Hi Shekhar,
    I am in bangalore.
    I can send it in courier.

  • Chetan Gupta May 22, 2007 Link

    Hi shekhar,
    I have an airtel data card which i bought in November but used only for 20 days or so. I am moving to Pune on 5th June. If you would like to buy my card, do lemme know.

  • Ankur May 22, 2007 Link

    Hi All,

    I have bought a Airtel Data Card 2 Days back on 20th May 2007. I am extremly upset with the speed that I get over here in Gurgaon/Delhi.
    I have decided to go for BSNL Now, and can sell my datacard which I bought for Rs. 5000 for real cheap.

    Please let me know if somebody is intrested. I can courier in case you are in some other location.

    Call at 09871316326


  • Dhruva Chatterji May 24, 2007 Link

    Hi Rangoo…. Venu and all the others (brothers & sisters)suffering from datacard services in India.

    Would like to begin by saying that recently i bought an airtel datacard. I knew from before, that datacard speed would be a bit better than dial up speeds (say ranging between 10-18 kbps download speed)……. however was dissapointed to see that speeds go much lower at times (especially at night time … weird huh)… say abt 5 kbps or so. In short interim periods speeds sometimes do recover to 10-15 kbps but highly volatile and keeps changing…

    BTW i have tried out all data card services except hutch perhaps and my order of ranking would be as follows:

    Worst – And the award/poop bag for that goes to Reliance. I knew from the very beginning that with a free datacard being provided with every HP notebook (which are hugely popular), there is bound to be traffic congestion going forward.

    A little better but still bad – Tata indicom.Also they dont have an unlimited plan, which will be a disadvantage for heavy users.

    Almost as bad as tata indicom (but maybe a teeny weeny better) – Bad ol Airtel (haha)….somehow seems to be working at poor speeds at night. Heard they will be doing a tie up with lenovo so expect more traffic congestion going forward

    Anyways there are some fundamental issues regarding data card services in india that should be discussed first:

    1) Firstly this is very new technology for India atleast; so expect poor speeds (remember the early days of internet and dialup). It will take some time for these guys to spruce up technology/capacity……. and hopefully our existing datacards will work with that.

    2) The direct sales people of these datacard companies are doing some major mis-selling by making prospective customers to believe that speeds would be near to broadband speeds …… where in actuality speed are closer to dial up speeds. Something must be done to curb these guys. I know that they have to earn their bread and butter …… but no business that tries to fool customers lasts too long…… so wisen up fellas.

    3) Customer service has to tremendously improved. These cards are being sold like there is no tomorrow…. and no improvement in capacity.. no improvemnt of infastructre .. mre staff etc. Come on guys there is a limit to which you can squeeze…. after which it all dries up

    So on an ending note lets all hope that datacard services improve soon in India…. which by going of past experience should take another year or so. Until then no choice but to expect a dial up connection (maybe a tiny bit better) with convenience of mobility; from the datacards in india.(SHUCKS!!!!!)

    BTW this post was written using my newly purchased Airtel data card (He He)

  • Rangoo May 24, 2007 Link

    Hi Dhruva Chatterji,

    I have used Tata unlimited plan. It cost me Rs. 1500. Now since I have BSNL broadband I have changed Tata to Rs. 535 – 500 MB download. Tata works well in my area.

    Most of the speed problems are also related to the area where we live and how much the company is able to boost the speed in that area.

    Airtel has been the worst, more in terms of customer service. The person who collects your money for the data card, the tech guy and the managers who are supposed to handle them all seemed to be in different corners of the world without any means of communication, in the office, I unfortunately had to deal with.

    I have lived in different parts of India and have used internet via dial up, broadband and data cards and I am not easily fooled by what the sales guys tell me. So I questioned them, I ensured they could serve me in the area where I wanted to use it, I bought the card and informed them of my problems, hoping that they will deal with it professionally.

    This is where they let me down. The money I paid for the card went down the drain.

    Hopefully I saved a few others from losing money.

    If any of you have to buy the data card and you have no other way out, ask the tech guy to come to the place where you want to use it and show you that it works. Otherwise don’t buy it, since there is no refund.

  • Dhruva Chatterji May 25, 2007 Link

    Hi Rangoo,

    I agree that Airtel data card totally sucks. Man lately i even started using my dial up connection and felt it is better. I noticed that downloads usually happen on the airtel data card ranging between 4-10 kbps but loading of webpages is really slow (takes a real long time for a page to load).

    I totally regret buying the airtel datacard and it belongs only in one place —- the toilet (so sad…. considering it cost me 6000 bucks and another 1000 bucks per month for the connection)

    I noticed that you have some petition against these guys and I will be most happy to join in or leave comments there. People cannot get away with daylight robbery and especially not big organizations like bharti artel.

    Wish I had seen this forum earlier and not bought this shit hole of a thing. People buying this product are expected to be sophisticated customers …….. but man such an unsophisticated product/service. AIRTEL —- u SUCK (big time)

  • Arun May 26, 2007 Link

    Can any body suggest which is best data card to buy. Also which option is better Data card or using cell phone -GPRS through blue tooth to connect to net. I want to connect to my company’s VPN. cost is no problem but performance is must.

    Also anybody interested in selling Reliance Data card plz contact me at

  • Nitin May 28, 2007 Link

    I Am using internet for last 3 years with airtel GPRS on 400 monthly rental with unlimited access but i have fade up with its speed which felt me tired.
    And now i have purchased Reliance netconnect modem, the first quality of this modem is that it can be use both for desktop and laptop. in starting i am not happy to purchase it because its speed is very slow as such GPRS,but after consulting with custmer care they suggest me telephoncally to download netbooster from their site.And now im enjoying very sufficient speed with 153 kbps surfing and 15 kbps downloading which is very very much better than Airtel GPRS.

    i am charging for this service for just 650/- pm for 1 GB data exchange.

  • vidhya May 29, 2007 Link

    Hi Nitin,
    Can u tell me where to get the netbooster??Im also using the Reliance USB netconnect card.Watz the max bandwidth speed u r getting??

  • shovon Jun 7, 2007 Link

    well i was using nokia 6230 which has edge nd gprs class 10.i used to get 20KB at night nd 15 to 18 at day.edge class 10 mobile has spped like 230.6 kbps so i should get 29.5 Kb wer i get 20 so its gonna buy n93 which has class 32 edge nd 296 kbps ..speed so i should get 30 Kb spped atleast..but i think spped depends on the set,how much spped or bandwidth mb company allocating per user,depnds on the tower nd peak nd off peak hour nd also on subscription package 😛 well im frm bd ..we dont have 3g i think we will never have :(.gsm network egprs or edge or 2.5g network wat ever it is ,i need download spped.Grameen phone shared 300gb nd now warid telcome sharing 2400 gb.i use my mobile as a modem nd for unlimited use, i pay 900 +150 line rent =1150tk which isnt a bad deal at all considerin if i use broadband line i have to pay 1500tk nd spped will be 8Kb nd 1.2 gb download limit.well im just hoping n93 will give me 30Kb spped 😀

  • Chetan Ghorpade Jun 10, 2007 Link

    Hi All,
    I have Reliance ZTE CDMA data card from past 6 months. I can get constant download speed (25KB/s) and no downtime.
    I’m using it on Linux and downloaded data in GB. 🙂

    Use following link to get CDMA work under Linux How-to tutorials.

    Dig Internet anytime anywhere…

    It seems that peoples faced different problems with different ISPs on this thread. Just want to say that you shall check with ISP/wireless carrier Location wise. In some areas AirTel gives nice service n in some Reliance.. now BSNL is also jumped in, so guys check with them. 250INR/month unlimited not a bad idea..but again check with the service.
    I’m at Indore shared my exp. with Reliance.

    At Last Thanks Venu.. for this Nice post.

  • Chetan Ghorpade Jun 10, 2007 Link

    @ Manish..
    Check your speed at using Dallas data center as a testing server. It will test your bandwidth capacity for huge and constant downloads.

  • Chetan Ghorpade Jun 12, 2007 Link

    @vidhya ..
    FYI, Reliance is giving SQUID Proxy server in the name of Netbooster.. Netbooster starts Squid with some parameters which enables proxy in transperent mode…

  • Venu Jun 12, 2007 Link

    Chetan, Thanks for your compliments. And nice to see some valuable inputs on Reliance Data Card.

  • amit Jun 13, 2007 Link

    Hi i m planning to get Reliance netconnect modem ,can anyone please provide me the detailed specification as how efficient is it ? How about the speed and the cost?

  • d.mohan Jun 19, 2007 Link

    I am interested to sell Reliance data card. I was the first person who has contributed in selling many data cards of Reliance when it has launched, through an Agency. I left the job. Now I want to sell from my home, but I don’t have contact numbers.
    My (2502508028)

    I require unlimited FWP Phone to make unlimited calls and the data base of the rich society who could use laptops.

  • mini Jun 19, 2007 Link

    I am selling my new airtel datacard to the best offer I get in one week.My office has given me high speed so I don’t need it anymore.98855-55961

    • pawan Oct 22, 2011 Link

      i want to take your airtel datacard…….

  • Saket Jun 19, 2007 Link

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    i want to but a second hand data card either reliance or airtel in delhi.
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  • vishal Jun 19, 2007 Link

    Can anybody interested to seel gprs data card.

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  • RAJA Jun 23, 2007 Link

    Dear Friends,
    I am very happy to have got a chance to read all your experiences thanx 2 Venu. Infact I got the link thru a google thread.
    I have bought a new Compaq Presario V6218TU recently. I too want to use a datacard in it, as am finding difficulty(speed & need 4 mobility) with the BSNL dial-up.I am located at a village(DUNDLOD) in Rajasthan(no broadband too).But I have to move and shuttle between several locations in India.
    My Laptop has the following specifications
    1.Windows Vista Home Basic.
    2.ExpressCard/54 slot.
    My questions are
    1.whether any ISP sells a ExpressCard slot-Compatible DATACARD or I have the only choice of going for the USB modem of Reliance?
    2.If I go for the USB Rel. Modem,whether it is Vista-compatible(recent ones)
    3.whther reliance 144kbps USBmodem will give the same performace (atleast) available at the FWP-LG sets – I would be satisfied atleast if it gives same speed and hassle-free.(leave alone the billing problems).
    Considering the irresponsible,irresponsive & “costumer-take-em for granted” mentality of the all the present ISPs(Airtel,REL,etc),whether it is better to wait for the BSNL CARDs which r in the pipe line.
    I would be thankful if SYED (experience,after SEN’s suggestion(Apurva’s)),VENU,VIDYA and NITIN or anyothers for that matter could help me out in the above regards.

  • Sidharth Jun 24, 2007 Link

    @raja… u can get the USB data card from tata or reliance…but prob is their software is buggy and almost doesnt work on Vista…

    best solution for u is to get an EDGE nokia phone ( coz nokia PC suite works the smoothest with vista) and an GSM connection most probably from airtel and use it like i do.. by connecting it to ur laptop through the data cable and access internet thru it.. it gives a much better and stable connection than most CDMA based solutions…

  • sabu Jun 24, 2007 Link


  • RAJA Jun 24, 2007 Link

    Hi Sidharth,
    Thank u verymuch.unfortunately I could not get an Airtel connection in this area.whther can I do with a BSNL Post-Paid connection and with a nokia 6030 mobile(which says u can gain easy access to xHTML sites via GPRS) .whther EDGE moblie is different one.

  • Altamash Jul 1, 2007 Link

    Hello All,

    A lot of people seem to be interested in the TATA Indicom. I have been using its data services on my mobile and its so pathetic, even gtalk does not connect. The data card performance must also be the same since the network used, and even the brand of the modem chipset is the same, Huawei, which incidentally is also the brand used in Reliance cards.

    I have travelled extensively throughout the country and the service is no good anywhere. I have also used Reliance card and it seems to be slightly better. I have no idea about the Airtel. I wanted what everyone wants – good speed but there seems to be no hope anywhere.

    For the uninformed, the connection speed you see at the taskbar (230.4 Kbps) is only the connection between your computer and the modem, in this case the data card or the mobile phone. The real speed is what exists between the modem and the network which is much slower.

    Also if you read the fineprint, these companies claim to give a speed which is a MAXIMUM of 144, or 115, or 100 kbps depending on the network. These speeds are of course theoretical and practically unachievable.

    Although they cannot give these high speeds as they claim, it is possible for them to provide at least decent browsable speeds. The only thing they need, and which they lack, is the will to do it. It is in their own interests to give good speeds at least in the case of volume based billing.

    Unfortunately, consumer satisfacton is just not one of the priorities.

  • Saket Jul 2, 2007 Link

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  • Sameer Jul 5, 2007 Link

    We have an Airtel Data Card, as we have terminated its services. Now my question is, can we use MTNL/BSNL SIM in Airtel Data Card to connect GPRS for internet….????? Has anybody did this kind of R&D…????

  • siddhart Jul 6, 2007 Link

    i have lost the driver cd for airtel data card…please help!!

  • venukb Jul 6, 2007 Link

    Siddharth, check if this link helps 🙂
    I had uploaded the software some time back 🙂

  • siddhart Jul 6, 2007 Link

    the link which you gave is not working.
    please can u upload or send me anyhow the software ? i can pay for the software…in need.
    my email : ….

  • Saket Jul 9, 2007 Link

    I want to buy a second hand reliance data card in delhi.
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    thank you

  • k.haragopalakkishan Jul 11, 2007 Link

    i found this is a very useful to me. thanks you very much.


  • Venkat Jul 12, 2007 Link

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  • Venkat Jul 12, 2007 Link

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    Reasonable price 5200rs only
    If any body interested to buy airtel usb data card please mail me at or call me 080-41772373 or 9986185535(Bangalore)

  • Shouvik Jul 12, 2007 Link

    Hey can you use your reliance data-card as a gsm. I noticed this sim card slot present in it… can any one please tell me what is it for…???

  • Rangoo Jul 13, 2007 Link

    I had got into problems with the Airtel Data Card and returned it. I lost the initial money I paid and I thought that was the end of it.

    Now I have been receiving bills and phone calls for payments of more than Rs.2000 (when the initial scheme I applied for was Rs. 900 + unlimited). I do not know how they are charging me for the scrapped card, no longer in use.

    I have contact the manager (You know him if you have read my earlier story at He says he will take care and I need not worry.

    I hope he really does. Otherwise I will have to start the whole fight all over again. I got busy with other things and gave up the fight. It was a wastage of my expensive time. But if they want to charge me for something I have never been able to use, and that too charge me month after month for a scrapped card… well, I will have no other option but to sue the whole lot.

  • Shishir Dutt Jul 15, 2007 Link

    Dear all ,
    a nice blog , quite informative with everyone’s views and discussions . I have something to say ,pls. donot go as per what the customer care or the marketing dept. says .It all depends on the signal strength , the net-traffic at the time u r surfing and the type of phone(GPRS or EDGE enabled)or data card service u r using . Normally the speeds mentioned on the websites are the top speeds and are never guaranteed , if u ask them a question what is the guaranteed speed , they will never be able to answer.sometimes u may even not get connected only ,it is useless to say airtel or hutch or reliance or tata is good or bad . Pls. note that even if u r surfing for browsing only then also you do need a certain minimum speed for the browser page to open which sometimes fails to open or may sometimes may take several minutes in multiples of 5 or 10.
    So ,people who are willing to go for datacard , can only opt fo the same if they have to travel world wide and want to remain connected and don’t much care about the amount of bills at the end of the month , else data cards are almost entirely useless and wastage of time & money . It’s far more a better option to invest in a cheaper nokia or sony-ericcson GPRS or EDGE enabled handset alongwith the original datacable and the pc-suite software and drivers for the same .
    As far as the reliability of the services are concerned I’ve tried both airtel and hutch , both are pretty reliable(and pretty slow at times too) , but as far as cost factor is considered for mumbai airtel network , it is the cheapest option amongst al the networks . whether u r downloading or browsing or remain online 24hrs. u r just paying Rs. 7/- per day basis for pre-paid users .
    I tried hutch also for the same , they deduct a flat Rs. 200/- per month service rental at the start of the month , ad then additional 5p/10 kb i.e. Rs. 5/- /1 MB which is pretty expensive . If u r just browsing , sending and recieving only text mails , just visiting sites then for every action of yours certain kb os being the end of the day u r charged a hefty sum of net browsing charges which is highly un-economical . And the speed???? nothing great , exactly similar to what you get with airtel and no better !!!! so why pay so much , when u get it for so little ?
    Only make sure that the places u stay or work have got a good airtel network , specially inside the room or the building where u intend to use it , as the problem of signal arises inside many buidings .

    Thanks & regards

  • Gaurav Jul 18, 2007 Link

    Dear all,
    i want to sell my airtel data card which i bought 2 weeks before .

    Anybody interested can call me on 9871990153(Noida)

  • pratyush Jul 22, 2007 Link

    well i bought an AIRTEL DATA CARD with the 599/- plan recently . i have used BSNL Broadband earlier so i know that a DATA card cannot provide speeds even close to broadband.

    it all depends on your requirement ; i needed a card which will work wherever i go, so an AIRTEL DATA CARD. and AIRTEL simply because i have more faith in AIRTEL than Reliance or TATA Indicom.
    though AIRTEL is more expensive that others i do feel it has never let me down with bad networks.

    speeds are fairly ok for surfing , nearly 20-40kbps , download speeds are close to 15kbps , i know its nothing compared to a BSNL BROADBAND which has download speeds of around 200-250 kbps.

    but you cannot take that connection everywhere , so a DATA CARD comes in more handy.

  • Kumar Jul 22, 2007 Link

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  • Blesson Mathew Jul 23, 2007 Link

    Can you update me how to install the airtel data card(USB Modem)on Windows Vista.
    thanks and rgds

  • Annie Jul 25, 2007 Link


    This is a really informative blog. I recently got a laptop and was confused as to which is the most economical as well as effective way to get hooked up to the internet.
    I went through a couple of comments, and have more or less come to the conclusion I can use my Sony Ericsson w810i phone with Airtel as the most viable choice.
    My need is only to check and send mails and browse off and on depending on necessity.
    Do let me know if anyone has any suggestions as to how I may begin with it?( The Procedure to begin using the same)

  • sunny Jul 26, 2007 Link

    what is the downloading speed in airtel datacard connection (with/without EDGE)

  • venukb Jul 26, 2007 Link

    I have not used the USB modem, check with airtel if they have drivers for Vista. Something should have been released by Airtel.

    If you want to use your SE phone, sign up from Airtel Mobile Office service, they have various rate plans starting from 300 rs I guess. You can connect the phone to your com port and start using it as a modem for your internet connection.

    Without Edge there is no internet, the 2G network is the data network and as you can see from tons of comments on this post, the speed ain’t so good.

    Waiting for 3G adoption in India 🙂

  • Nitin Jul 28, 2007 Link

    I want to sell Airtel USB data card, those interested can give me a call on 9818672721.
    Expected price 5500/-.

    City – New Delhi

  • Vijaya Mohan Aug 2, 2007 Link

    Hi this is vijaya mohan i brought a Reliance USB wireless data modem plz dont go for this if ur having a Toshiba laptop it does’nt suppourt for this and reliance sales guy’s dont tell us in the beginig and simply they will sell it to us and the poblems begins the driver does’t suppout for this they don’t take it, our money loss and patience will also be lost. they dont suppourt this issues.My personal request to u people is dont go for this reliance usb modem.

    vijaya mohan

  • sumer Aug 2, 2007 Link

    We have a data card connection number 98 188 35166,

    and have been having problem with the data card . Since

    last 2 weeks my people have been in touch with your so called

    after sale support company by the name of R.T eServices in

    Okhla , but to no help.

    The guys there Gagandeep and Thapa have been continuously

    saying that the required small Ariel(antenna) is out of stock

    both with Airtel as well as with them. Could i know what a

    harassed customer like myself is supposed to do , other than

    to run from pillar to post and then finally go to an unauthorized

    dealer or discontinue your services and approach the Consumer

    court .

    You are requested to let me know what should i do , alternately

    i will be forced to look at alternate options.


    Sumer Misri

  • venukb Aug 2, 2007 Link

    Sumer, I am not sure what made you think that I am associated with Airtel.
    I am user of Airtel Services just like you and I have just written about my experience with Airtel Data Card.

    Request you to get in touch with the Airtel Customer Service.

  • ali Aug 4, 2007 Link

    Dear all,
    i want to sell my reliance USB Modem (Huawei Ec325 ,brand new) which i bought 2 days ago.

    Anybody interested can call me on 9960256603(Ali)

  • Bill Aug 7, 2007 Link

    Hi All: Very, very informative blog. Thanks for all the info. I’ve lost my Airtel CD and have been trying to find software. The two links given above exceed the server’s maximum limit. Is there any other way of going about downloading the required drivers?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Bill in New Delhi

  • Manish Kumar Aug 7, 2007 Link

    Dear All,

    Can someone suggest a way to use airtel usb data card with win-vista.

    Is there any site having the required drivers for the same.


  • kumar Aug 10, 2007 Link

    hello everyone…..

    any body has taken airtel boradband?….any body has review of it……..pls tell….

  • Ronit Bhattacharjee Aug 11, 2007 Link

    You fools..Now Read this…

    I have evaluated almost all types of data cards in in India and have come to the conclusion that generally GPRS EDGE is much better than CDMA 1X atleast practically in India.. That means the choice narrows down to Airtel and Hutch. I won’t talk about Hutch because it does not offer any unlimited plans and so it’s useless for me.. Now airtel.. I have used the airtel EDGE GPRS card in West Bengal, Maharashtra and Chennai.. If you live in chennai, I suggest you don’t get Airtel because the speed there sucks big time.. In Maharashtra, Airtel provides seamless coverae and I get download speeds of 20-22kbps. I ain’t gonna argue with those people crying about 200+ kbps download speeds because I have no time to argue with losers.. In West Bengal, the download speed comes between 15-20 kbps which is quite fair considering it’s wireless and it’s India.. Now for the Sim. The Sim which they provide with the Airtel data card is a simple postpaid sim.. The monthly rental is 999 which is shit.. i won’t pay that amount of shit for 20 kbp download speeds. So here’s what I did.. The data card provided by airtel is just a simple data card with only an Airtel sticker on it and some firmware changes.. It’s simply an EDGE compatible GPRS modem.. which you can use for internet connectivity using ANY EDGE COMPATIBLE SIM. I have tried this out on Hutch too and it works fine… So screw the airtel guys.. I use my maharashtra prepaid airtel simin Kolkata.. The charges are just rupees 12 per day.. Which comes out to be 350 per month.. I get same speeds ofcourse and I recharge the card using EZrecharge.. There are no roaming charges, at least in calcutta.. For more enquiries, contact me by email : slyronit at gmail dot com because I aint coming back to this blog again..

  • joy Aug 15, 2007 Link

    Hi everyone………

    i want to know abt usb modem.give me information abt it n which usb modem is more good tata,hutch,airtel or realiance.

  • Atul Aug 15, 2007 Link

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    I want to buy Reliance or Airtel or Tata indicom USB modem. Anybody interested to sell pls contact me. E-mail:

    Saravanak kumar

  • Arun Chadda Aug 22, 2007 Link

    Guys Remember if you buy a DATA Card or the USB Modem that reliance, tata and airtel are offering you are stuck with it if you disconnect from their service they do not buy it back from you even at half price. These devices SUCK big time..

    Your best bet would be to buy a well maintained second hand GSM phone within 5K you easily get these days, just make sure it is a symbian OS Series 60 phone such as Nokia 6630 which is available for that price.

    Put in an AirTel Sim Card (PREPAID ONLY) and activate Mobile office, Rs. 10/- per day for unlimited access and Rs. 100 Per week for unlimited access, so 400 Rs a month for unlimited Internet access. Cheaper than AirTel, Reliance Unlimited at 1500/- per month. Of course at the end of the then next Day at 10 AM or new week the scheme gets de-activated so activate it again. Rs. 3/- per SMS to activate or deactivate.

    Get the phone, get a CA-53 cable not DKU-2 which is old,the cable costs Rs. 1500/- in a Nokia Showroom, a waste of money, got to the local phone market and get one for Rs. 350/-. Install The latest version of Nokia PC-Suite free download from, and go to the internet connectivity option from the menu, choose AirTel, connect and surf. I get a download speed of 16-18 kbps, and I live in Bangalore. Works under linux also, google search for this.

    If you do not want to use it, you can easily sell away the phone, of-course at a lesser rate, but still it is better than being stuck with a useless data card or usb modem, or you could use this phone also, its an amazing model from Nokia and is also faster than the N-72.

    Happy browsing.

  • Biji George Aug 23, 2007 Link

    Hi, Can any one tell me how to activate mobile office on Airtel Prepaid?
    I just want to activate it on a daily basis whenever I want to use it.

  • arun chada Aug 23, 2007 Link

    Just call up AirTel customer care and they will tell you the code, for both a day and a week.

    Once you activate it, irrespective of the time it will automatically deactivate the next day at 10:00 Am.

    Happy browsing

  • Raju Aug 25, 2007 Link

    hi friends
    If u have GLOBETROTTER Moblity manage For WIN VISTA please send me it is for AIRTEL network.

  • Rakesh Falke Aug 28, 2007 Link

    This is rakesh from abow comments I like to take Airtel DataCard thanks for your comments

  • BSNL Data Card Aug 28, 2007 Link

    Launched – Un-Official website of BSNL Data Card

    New website dedicated to BSNL ! I just completed it.

    Please have a look –

    There are no banners, no google ads and no referral links. There is no commercial / business / personal interest behind this website. I found the BSNL data card to be useful and affordable, so thought I will help others by providing the details based on my experience.

    Please leave your comments/suugestions/criticism either here in the thread or in the website.

    Thank you all.


    This is a fake site.

    Please see the WHOIS information of this site from the below link


    WHOIS information for:


    M Pai Dinkar
    M Pai Dinkar (
    28/636, Ganga Lane, K.P. Vallan Road
    Tel. +091.44842307855

    Creation Date: 14-Aug-2007
    Expiration Date: 14-Aug-2008

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Administrative Contact:
    M Pai Dinkar
    M Pai Dinkar (
    28/636, Ganga Lane, K.P. Vallan Road
    Tel. +091.44842307855

    Technical Contact:
    M Pai Dinkar
    M Pai Dinkar (
    28/636, Ganga Lane, K.P. Vallan Road
    Tel. +091.44842307855

    Billing Contact:
    M Pai Dinkar
    M Pai Dinkar (
    28/636, Ganga Lane, K.P. Vallan Road
    Tel. +091.44842307855

    Registration Service Provider:
    +091 484 2294762


  • senthilkumar Aug 31, 2007 Link

    i want airtel usb mode driver for mac

  • Soumya Aug 31, 2007 Link

    Hi Anyone has any idea how Vodafone Egde GT Data Card performs in Bangalore. Also does it work with Windows Vista?

  • Deepak Sharma Aug 31, 2007 Link

    hi friends
    If u have GLOBETROTTER Moblity manage For WIN VISTA please send me it is for AIRTEL network.

  • DK Mishra Aug 31, 2007 Link

    Hi All
    I am content writer by profession. I need connectivity round the clock basically for doing research, sometime i also require dowloading intelligent softwares or huge ebooks pdf,

    i tried sify, and then tataindicom broadband both are more than worse of no use to person whose profession is net basd

    I am using PC P3, what shall be better option for me airtel data card or mobile gprs

    i get connected atleast 12 / 13 hours in a day.

    Any suggestion please,

    PPL you can write mail at

  • Fayaz Anwardeen Sep 2, 2007 Link

    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to let all the vista users out there know that I finally figured out how to use the Airtel PCMCIA data card with Windows Vista actually it was really easy…

    Points to remember:
    1) Do not install GlobeTrotter Manager Provided by Airtel.
    2) Do not use a PIN to protect your sim card
    3) You will need the CD provided by Airtel for the drivers even though you are not going to install GlobeTrotter software.

    ok now follow these steps:
    1) Insert the data card into the PCMCIA slot.
    – Windows Vista will prompt you to install
    the drivers
    – so for this step insert the CD
    provided and let windows install the drivers
    – Vista will try to install EDGE Modem, GPRS,
    and smart card drivers and to all you just
    let vista search for drivers from the CD
    for the data card
    2) Open Connect To from start menu and click on
    “setup a connection or network”
    3) Choose the first option “Connect to the
    Internet” and click next
    4) Check “Create a new connection” if this is
    your first internet connection or check “no
    create a new connection” if you have already
    created an internet connection with another
    service provider or device before and then
    click next.
    5) Then choose “Dial up connection”
    6) Then click on “GT EDGE Wireless Modem”
    7) For dial-up phone number type *99***1#
    8) Leave user name and password field blank
    9) Assign a connection name if you like (optional)
    10) Click on connect and your done!

    Remember that if you use a PIN to protect your sim, you will not be able to connect to the internet so disable the PIN.

    Also note that this can be done in Windows XP too…but it is not necessary since the GlobeTrotter software works fine in XP

    I was just experimenting with the connections today and I got this working…so I thought that I will give a post so that others who have been unfortunate can benifit from this post…


  • milind Sep 3, 2007 Link

    PLEASE! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! Don’t go for AIRTEL because I am suffering a lot. I just want ot use GPRS facility which is Rs. 12 per day. there are many flaws in their system.
    1. u can not deactvated it before 24 Hrs. if u want ot use it just for a day then u have to pay Rs. 24.
    It’s huge wake up AIRTEL people b’caz IDEA is giving GPRS just for Rs.5/- Per day.
    2. They created a flaw in deactivating GPRS system so u will easily activate GPRS but can’t
    deactivate it by sending SMS so they will deduct u r AMT. forcefully.
    3. STAFF is so arrogant & not co-operative they will not solve u r any problem.
    if u want ot have a experience the pl. visit @ Vega Centre, pune. u will have a worst experience.
    4. I know 100’s of people who are get cheated by AIRTEL.
    5. I think AIRTEL management hired the full STAFF from SLUM area.

  • Bhimrao kamble Sep 6, 2007 Link

    Guys,i have airtel internet card but i need that driver for mac os i want use internet its possible pls send me driver.


  • amitava Sep 6, 2007 Link

    I have been using an airtel datacard for a couple of months now. Initially there was a bit of connectivity issue. I had to follow up with the customer care and eventually got it resolved. The customer care for airtel aint so bad in calcutta (per me). I have gone for the 999 plan. Normal surfing speed is not bad but if you are looking for broadband like download speed, it isnt the best option. I get a download speed of 6-12 kbps in my area.

  • sandipan Sep 9, 2007 Link

    hi vineet can u plz tell me where did u get this Reliance ZTE card driver which enhanced ur speed radically?? i need to know tht….

  • saket Sep 10, 2007 Link

    I want to buy a second hand data card either reliance or airtel in delhi.
    anyone interesting in selling thier data card in delhi can contact at my number 9999223043 ( delhi number )
    call at the earliest

    thank you

  • Vinoo Sep 13, 2007 Link

    Can anyone tell me the availibilty of Airtel Mobility manager drivers for Vista

  • Saurabh Sep 14, 2007 Link

    Require Correct software for Airtel PCMCIA card. Am going to try out solution suggested by Fayaz. Will let you know if it works !!

  • Saurabh Sep 14, 2007 Link

    Require Correct software for Airtel PCMCIA card for Vista. Am going to try out solution suggested by Fayaz. Will let you know if it works !!

  • David Joshua Sep 16, 2007 Link

    Hi everybody.
    I want to sell my airtel datacard. it is about 3-4 months me at

  • Rahul Sep 18, 2007 Link

    hi guys,

  • Rahul Sep 18, 2007 Link

    hi guys,
    i am new to the field of usb modems and data card…. i just wanna know that weather i can use my old MO activated airtel sim in the a airtel or reliance usb modems to access the net…having the MO features

  • Vinoo Sep 19, 2007 Link

    Saurabh, solution suggested by Fayaz worked fine, but no idea will it work during international roaming !

  • ninad Sep 21, 2007 Link

    hi venu,

    i have reliance ZTE mc315 Wireless card.
    but i have lost the cd, i got with card;
    so do u have any link where i can download that
    ZTE software .
    i have looked for which is the offical site, but site is in chinese language
    so i couldn’t download software.

    thanks in advance

  • BSNL Data Card Sep 21, 2007 Link


    The reliance website has all softwares for download – It will have software for ZTE mc315.

  • BSNL Data Card Sep 21, 2007 Link

    Oh I see a post telling I am making you all fools !!

    Thats very strange !! Why should I make you fools ?

    That whois is correct. And the information in the site is also correct.

    I use the BSNL data card and I found it very useful, so I created the website. It is un-official website and does not belongs to BSNL. That is written in every page of the site.

    I have no clue why it sounds like fake. Anything about it, get clarified from any BSNL official in your area. I mean whether amnything written in the site is fake / wrong / misleading.

    I really wanted to help people by providing information which I know and I am sad some people think I am making other fools.

    Well, I do not have any business or personal interest behind it. It has not even a single ad. I do not need any money from you either. It is for giving information about BSNL data card. If you want information, check it, else, feel free to ignore it. Thats all.

    Thank you.

  • Pradeep Sep 22, 2007 Link

    Hi Guys,

    I am from Bangalore, and I want to sell my Tata Indicom Vdata card which I had purchased in March ’07. Reason for sale: I have finally got BSNL broadband connection at my location. If anybody is interested pls send a message to


  • Ekta Sep 24, 2007 Link

    Just when I was almost set to buy an Airtel Data card, i hit this website.
    I read almost all the comments posted since I did not want to regret making a wrong choice. But I am now confused.
    I need internet for browsing say 1-2 hours at night- check/send emails, chat on gmail. And i would not download much.
    Airtel Broadband was my first option but its not available in my area. BSNL requires you to get a landline and I did not want to get into that hassle and wait(it takes 1 month they say).
    I have a HP laptop with Windows Vista.From all that i gathered till now, GPRS/EDGE enabled mobile phone seems to be the best option. I am new to this, please suggest!
    Since mine is Windows Vista, I need info on something that has been tried and tested to work on vista. I use an Airtel Postpaid connection in my mobile and it works fine in my area with good signal strength.Will that be a deciding factor in the Airtel internet connection?

  • Ekta Sep 24, 2007 Link

    I am in Bangalore

  • Ekta Sep 24, 2007 Link

    I am in Bangalore.

  • Pavi Sep 26, 2007 Link

    Hi everyone,

    I want to buy Reliance or Airtel USB modem. Anybody interested to sell pls contact me. E-mail:

    Pavitra Agarwal

  • Tanveer Sep 26, 2007 Link

    Any Idea About Tata Indicom Data Product & its speed..

  • sukumar Oct 6, 2007 Link

    Any idea how to use aitel usb datacard with vista??

    Thanks & Regards

  • Vinoo Oct 6, 2007 Link

    Airtel data card worked fine as informed by Fayaz, but later its giving Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated. Tried all options available on Net but I am not able to connect with Airtel Card on Vista OS.

  • Amitava Oct 12, 2007 Link

    1. Does Reliance data Card supports IP Sec client software for secure VPN . Actually i want to connect to my office desktop through VPN .

    2. Does The Data Card Compatible for Vista Home premium .?

    Let me know if u have any experiences !

  • Amitava Oct 12, 2007 Link

    i ll be appreciate if u can mail me on ..
    Many Thanks,

  • Pranab Oct 16, 2007 Link


    I am using Reliance from last 1.5 years, facing a bit slow problem in day time…this might be due to congestion which are providing by Reliance in these days…AirTel Data care installer will not work on Windows Vista Home Basic…however you can setup in an alternate way…as mentioned above…and this step will also work for all the Data card…so no worries, how new would be your OS you can run the new hardware if you have their .dll files…i.e. the drivers files…

    – Pranab

  • Kalec Oct 18, 2007 Link


    I recently received a Web ‘n’ Walk data card from my company and was asked to insert a SIM from any provider of my choice. I have subscribed to the unlimited plan from Airtel and the SIM is activated for the service. My company uses a proprietory VPN dialer for establishing connectivity. This is working but the speed is pathetic.

    I want to check the card on my personal laptop but need the software. I downloaded the Globetrotter Mobility Manager but the Airtel profile is missing and moreover, it cannot detect the web ‘n’ walk data card.

    I tried downloading the Airtel Mobility Manager from the link in this blog but got an error. Can you upload the software to some other server and send me the link. Alternately suggest the sites where I can get the software and/ or Airtel profile settings.

    – Kalec

  • Yusuf Shaikh Oct 18, 2007 Link

    I want to purchase used datacard urgently.Please mail me on

  • Bidi Oct 22, 2007 Link

    Airtel Data Card PCMCIA for sale
    like new purchased on 15th October complete with box,manual,installation CD,original reciept,warranty
    reason for sale – Airtel speed not fast enough for me.


  • Sabari Oct 23, 2007 Link

    I am searching for used Airtel Data Card. Any one willing to sell may contact me thro’

  • Surya Oct 26, 2007 Link

    i want to buy a used PCMCIA Reliance.
    please contact me @ 9873345671(Delhi/Noida)

  • shardul Oct 27, 2007 Link

    Myself shardul
    I have purchased new laptop and have good offer from reliane for datacard (pay 3000 and use 2 months free)
    My use of internet is limited to may be 1 -2 hour per day and for me montly price is big consideration
    so can u suggest me which datacard is better
    Also i have question in my mind that which connection has better speed wired or wireless
    please email me the reply

  • joby Oct 30, 2007 Link

    please help me

    i have an airtel datacard with me. i lost the software/installation cd(mobility manager)-please send the same to thanks!–joby

  • Shaukat Ali Nov 1, 2007 Link

    Hi All,

    I need infromation regarding Airtel Datacard, will it work fine in Bangalore, Hyd and delhi as i keep on travel to these cities. And what is the feedback for reliance for the same.

    please response ASAP, as I need to purchase the better one (Airtel or Reliance).


  • Bidi Nov 2, 2007 Link

    airtel works very fine anywhere in India..i don’t no much about relaince cos i haven’t used it…if you are intrested i have Airtel data Card for sale purchased 3 weeks ago.

  • Shaukat Ali Nov 2, 2007 Link

    Thanks BIDI,

    yes I am interested for airtel data card, I am in delhi . tell me can I insert other airtel sim (corporate connection with unlimited internet) which I have with me.

    tell me the price and i can be reachable at (shaukat.ali3 AT gmail DOTCOM)for further communications

    Shaukat Ali

  • Dinesh V Nov 2, 2007 Link

    I am using Airtel data card….
    I am facing a problem with my firmware….

    While I launching the global mobility manager, its saying “Firmware Response Time Out”

    Can any one plz help me on this…

  • Shaukat Ali Nov 7, 2007 Link

    Hi All,

    how can I dail and receive phone calls from Airtel Data Card.

    Please Help…

    Shaukat Ali

  • rafi Nov 10, 2007 Link

    Hi Guys,

    I wanted to purchase a used Datacard preferably Airtel., if anyone wanted to sell., pls call me rafi 9447706422 ( cochin )

    Tank you,

  • Rajsekhar Nov 11, 2007 Link

    Hi All,

    This particular blog has about 250 comments from different users with varying opinions on Airtel Data Card. Can someone or atleast the blog author tell me is it worth going for Airtel Data Card ? At present I am in Manchester, UK and am coming back to India next week and was looking for internet access.. I have found that there are couple of options available like BSNL, Reliance, Tata or Airtel. Here is a summary of what I have found and known from my friends in India..
    BSNL – connection is fast and consistent, but getting one is nightmare
    Tata – can’t trust them as they have been pretty bad on customer service
    Reliance – can’t trust either as Anil Ambani is another big cheater and customer care is too bad
    Airtel – looks like from this blog that not many like it for whatever reasons.

    Which service provider should i choose from ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????//

  • Bidi Nov 12, 2007 Link

    airtel datacard for sale…1 month old..Rs

  • roshan Nov 13, 2007 Link

    please help me to choose in between Tata Indicom or Reliance Data Card…which one good in speed and connectivity..?

    if i pay 12 mont advanc relianc will give me free dta card.

    or Airtel is the right choice..

    please tell me soon .

  • Mehul Nov 13, 2007 Link

    Hello all,

    I am interested in buying a data card Please contact me at my email

    or at my no. 09904924149.

    Many Thanks!!


  • pranab Roy Nov 16, 2007 Link

    iam in bangalore want a used data card pref. Reliance. do call me 9972584152

  • Shantaram Sadhwani Nov 19, 2007 Link

    I am SHANTARAM SADHWANI +919970979909.
    I am using Mobile Office since MAY-2007. Airtel was asking Rs.11.99 daily. But from about 1-2 months Airtel is deducting 14.99 daily. As asking I was told that upto 3 months our rate is Rs.11.99. If you are using more than 3 months, the rate will be Rs. 14.99.
    Every-where in the WORLD, when YOU purchase MORE, the PRICE will be LESS. But NEW SYSTEM OF Airtel, when you Purchase MORE, the PRICE will also be MORE.

  • ved Nov 30, 2007 Link

    I’ve lost my Airtel CD and have been trying to find software. The two links given above exceed the server’s maximum limit. Is there any other way of going about downloading the required drivers?

  • Frustrated Airtel Customer Dec 2, 2007 Link


    I purchased an Airtel Data Card last year in October with SNR: ML36C5083
    and IMEI: 355832003256622, bearing the number 9908919222 for rupees 6099/-.
    I opted 599 plan as per the plan posted on “”. Since
    then every month I am getting a bill in excess of 700 irrespective of my
    low internet usage. I was dealing with supervisors in Airtel regarding the
    incorrect/excessive billing, in April this year as suggested by one of the
    supervisors I have changed the plan from 599 to 999 which is supposed to be
    an unlimited plan. Unfortunately the plan change was never updated
    instantly (it got updated in last month) and I continued to get the
    excessive amount of bill irrespective of my less utilization of internet
    service. One fine day Airtel has send me a bill of about 6000 rupees and
    discontinued my internet services, I personally met the so called
    supervisor Mr. Gyaneshwar from Airtel in their office located in the
    Whitehouse building, begumpet ,Hyderabad,to discuss about the same, after
    multiple reminders this gentleman send a request to wavier the excessive
    amount they have billed so far.

    After all this drama, my number still remains to be barred. I have now
    decided to discontinue this pathetic service of Airtels and opt for a
    better service provider. I sincerely request all not to opt for Airtel data
    card especially as their plan is not transparent and moreover it gives lots
    of mental pressure. Airtel customer service is the worst as their agents
    doesn?t know what they speak and to my surprise they don?t know what a DATA
    CARD is. I have undergone the pain and mental trauma, I request other?s not

    I have now decided to bring this to an end. I would like to say goodbye to
    Airtel and would like to discontinue all services ( My number is anyways
    barred for last 20 days)

  • Fayaz Anwardeen Dec 2, 2007 Link

    Hi I am planning to sell my Airtel data card, it is only 2 months old. Please e-mail me if you are interested in buying…we can negotiate the price.
    email me at

  • loverboyritesh Dec 13, 2007 Link

    hi could anyone help me out …venu please ….

    i want to know whether it is possible to use other data cards in usb modems …. like i have an old reliance usb modem HUAWEI EC325 ….can i use airtel or other sim cards in that for internet connection ,… is it possible .. if it is then please tell me the requirements for that please.. i would be very thankful……

  • Binny Dec 16, 2007 Link

    Hi all!!!!!!! and specially venu….

    i jus wanna kno whether there is any wireless broad band??
    and another query is that which connection has the best speed 2 use on laptop??
    plz lemme know.
    m a bit confused in buy ing the data card??

  • BSNL Data Card Dec 17, 2007 Link


    Yes, there is wireless broadband. It is called EVDO and only BSNL has started it.

    You can get more details at . It is an un-official website of BSNL (created by me) regarding data card and EVDO. No ads / referrals and not affiliated or connected to BSNL anyway.

    For availability and feasibility, contact your nearest BSNL office.

  • I want Reliance, Tata indicom & Airtel USB modem comparison. Which is the cheap with unlimited plans & effective connections.


  • chander kant sharma Dec 27, 2007 Link

    actually i have Apple Laptop which is having operating software Macintiosh
    can anyone tell me from which data card provider i can get a data card which is compatible with Mac.

  • Nishkarsh Dec 29, 2007 Link

    hi friends! i am using nokia 3220 with bsnl connection. can anybody tell me the whole procedure to connect to internet using my mobile. i have XP, datacable DKU-50 and driver and Nokia PC Suit installed.

  • chandran((Airtel team aala Baathikapatavan)) Dec 30, 2007 Link

    Aietel team… ur service is very poOOOar on day time and night… also starting morning 8 to midnight 12 o clack also download speed is only 12 kbps only avaerage downloading speed is only 2 kbps…i am more than 10 times complaient that customer care… but there is not respond till date i am asking one question to aitel team’s ALL PEOPLES WHAT ARE U DOING ….

  • hender Jan 1, 2008 Link

    i m really in dis n would like to know whether dis facility is is available in manipur.

  • Mayank Jain Jan 6, 2008 Link

    Hi Friends,

    I am in US now. I coming to india for 1 week time. I have a problem. I have to work in 3 different cities.

    1. Delhi
    2. Aligarh(UP West)
    3. Nanital (Up West)

    I have to check my mails based on VPN. Also, on Yahoo, sometimes Voice talk also.

    Now, can any of you let me know which option is good for Wireless Internet.

    1) Reliance USB Modem
    2) Airtel USB Modem
    3) TATA indicaom USB Modem
    4) Reliance DATA CArd ( It costs More)
    5) Airtel Data Card ( I guess Hardware Costis more )

    I have Black Berry Pearl Mobile also. Can I use internet using the mobile phone too ?

    If yes, while roming is there any specific charges for using internet ? or it would remain
    same through out india.

    Pls let me know. I need your help.

    Mayank Jain

  • Umasankar Panda Jan 6, 2008 Link


    I am having a HP pavillion dv2119tx model with express data card slot but i m not able to find any vendor to provide the same. I am using reliance usb data card but i m not comfortable on this so i am aspecting a express data card as suitable for me.

    Plz reply me about this if possible.

    Sify Technologies

  • chandran Jan 7, 2008 Link

    I am planning to sell my Airtel data card, it is only 20 days old. Please call or mail me if you are interested in buying…
    buying prize is Rs.4999 i will give that Rs.4000.
    mobile: 94437-37637

    items: card cable

  • venukb Jan 14, 2008 Link

    Just wanted to let you know that the Mobility manager software has found a new home @

  • Seb Jan 16, 2008 Link

    I got a laptop with the OS : Windows Vista Home Premium in it. It has USB slots as well as Express Card slot. Please tell me if there is BSNL data card available for it or any other card for connecting to the net?

  • Amit Jan 18, 2008 Link

    I am planning to sell my Airtel data card, it is only 4 months old. Please mail me if you are interested in buying…
    buying prize is Rs.4999 i will give that Rs.3500.

    items: card

  • Ravi Jan 18, 2008 Link

    airtel datacard keeps getting disconnected evry five to ten minutes. i am at Gurgaon whre the coverage cannot be bad.

  • AKSHAY ARYA Jan 20, 2008 Link

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you so much for helping others by writing your experiences and feedbacks for various data cards.

    However VENU and all other friends, I am still confused as to which Data card to buy. Someone praises Reliance, and someone praises Airtel…..and the confusion continues.

    Recently MTNL has also launched a data card in tie-up with BSNL. Then card cost is 4500 and they have 3 plans : Rs. 350 for 500 MB, Rs, 550 for 1 GB and Rs. 999 for unlimited (even when in roaming).

    I am really wondering as to which one to buy, Airtel, Reliance, Mtnl or Tata Indicom. My main purpose is to chat on yahoo messenger, web-chat, listening to online songs and e-mail. This is all I require while travelling………please suggest something good…….COZ papa has bought a laptop which is worth the money he spent…..but if the data card I buy doesnt works out fine, then I would be the first one to be in the “OBITUARY PAGE” in Times of India the next day :-((((( please help..

  • Umashankar Jan 21, 2008 Link

    Hi All,

    As per my experience with reliance, i will suggest not to go for Reliance data card. I m using it since 1yr but even in 1 day also i didnt please about this service. Forgot about the dawnload even u cant open a site, yahoo messanger etc etc. It will try try at last it will say “Zero bytes replied” or “request time out” or something somthing..

    I m using reliance data card on plan 650/pm +80/tax = 730/pm (1gb)
    But believe me with in this 1yr i m not able to use more then 50% of 1gb coz i m not able to download a file of 1mb also, if it will start the dawnload it will take a hell of long time.

    Download speed range in betwwen 1kbps to 10 or 12 max. which i experienced in 1 yr with reliance data card. Even i have lodged many complains to reliance but they will suggest your laptop might have some problem or delete the tmp files and cookies and reinstall the data card software and etc etc…

    So as per my suggetion, guys plz dont go for reliance data card. its my experience which i wants to share with you. I m not very sure about other data cards so no comments for them so far.

  • aravind Jan 22, 2008 Link

    Hi All,

    I just bought BSNL EVDO card. The driver which came with is is working perfectly fine on XP & the speed is really good. I get about 760 to 900kbps. but the pain is it doesn’t work on my laptop with Vista.

    Can any 1 tell how to configure it on Vista or if location to download the driver.

    I tried contacting & they replied “kindly consult local BSNL service center to avail required drivers to make the EVDO card compatible with Windows VISTA. The EVDO card is not having the required driver in-built.”

    You very well know the knowledge what the BSNL people have. Can any 1 help me.

    Model as writted on the instrument : EV-DO AC8700 800M


  • aditya Jan 27, 2008 Link

    I want to sell my airtel data card if ne1 interested mail me:

    I stay in delhi……n I will be selling it for Rs 3000.

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    I am leaving the country and I would like to sell my Reliance data card which I used hardly for 4 months.Interested ppl please call me .9789090228

  • prakashmm Feb 4, 2008 Link

    hi arvind i am using evdo of bsnl for Vista make dial up connection as normal modem procedure you can extract setup files and copy only modem drivers and then make dial up connection it is working fine for me or call me 9449425844

  • Arul Feb 11, 2008 Link

    Hi, Recently i bought a HP Pavilion Laptop wit AMD Turion Processor. Now i want a Datacard. Can u guys specify me which data card is worthy? Can i go for Airtel or Tata Indicom or Reliance or BSNL?? Which one will be best?? Plz suggest me guys..

  • Raj Feb 12, 2008 Link

    Hi all,

    I’m in US now, coming to india(HYD) on 29 feb. Wanna have data card connection, pls let me know which one is best. I have gone through all the comments and still in confusion for which service to take as every1 has different experiences. Also let me know if any1 want to sell their good condition data cards. You can email me at, its better if i get local hyderabad deals

  • Manish Feb 23, 2008 Link

    I have one brand new airtel USB datacard which i bought six months back. I bought it for Rs 5499.00

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    Want to sell my USB data card.
    I have a two month old airtel USB data card working in perfect condition. I’m located in Mumbai (town). Have the complete set in perfect condition with bill.

    I have got a cable connection and don’t use the datacard anymore. If anyone is interested in buying at do email me at ganeshcp at

  • g Feb 23, 2008 Link

    ERmm…regarding my previous comment. This is what i’m talking about:
    its a Airtel USB Data modem.

  • bobby Mar 2, 2008 Link

    can anybody tell me which data card has fastest speed?

  • zia Mar 8, 2008 Link

    to be frank i tried all the data cards, they all are worst, they tell you and promise you to give 144kbps speed… but you won’t see a speed more than 12 kbps, reliance data card is the worst, all my money went in vain. every month i paid 730 for their stupid service. moreover reliance data card is having lot of problems and if something like that happens it takes lot of time to get on. Regarding airtel service is good, but speed very very slow. Another what i’m doing now,,, i want to suggest everyone that instead of using data card use your mobile gprs internet especially from airtel its speed is mind blowing. i’m using my gprs connection only and quite satisfied. Don’t buy data card…

  • ajay Mar 21, 2008 Link

    looking for a airtel datacard in bangalore. please let me know if any one wana sell off there cards
    mail me at

  • sharan Mar 26, 2008 Link

    hi all….
    this is the revoultion …

    GSM – gprs -edge–hspd..

    cdma- EVDO- ….

    u people need to understand this.
    My doubt can i use my airtel prepaid sim airtel data card.

  • nishad Mar 30, 2008 Link

    hai all
    i have been in research for various internet concctions, first time i have used old crazy dial up, then changed to airtel mobile office , in my city (kerala palkkad) there is no edge , iam always getting a download speed 0.5 to 3 KBps so bad, now i changed to idea gprs daily 5 rupees rental for unlimited surfing. Idea supports edge and getting usually 47-55 kbps surging speed 6-8 KBps downloading speed. I am using nokia 3220 which edge class 6 mobile. I wish to change hand set to any other nokia edge class 10/ edge class 32 which surely gives a grater speed

  • Abhineet Anand Apr 1, 2008 Link

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    Please call me at +91-9884008050.

  • prakash sharma Apr 4, 2008 Link

    i am using a airtel data card with globetrotter mobility manager………off late i loose net connection and a message is displayed to use most current drivers and firmwares……..please suggest what should i do…. i am really frustrated.pleaase help.

  • Chandran.s Apr 4, 2008 Link

    I am planning to sell my Airtel data card, it is only 20 days old. Please call or mail me if you are interested in buying…
    buying prize is Rs.4999 i will give that Rs.3000.

    items: card cable

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    Wanted used airtel data card in bangalore

  • shekhar Chaudhari Apr 6, 2008 Link

    can any one help me I am planning to buy data which one is good I want to connect max time with good download speed.

  • Vikram Khanna Apr 21, 2008 Link

    Can any one help me as I am planning to buy a data card which one is good? I want to connect maximum time with good download speed.

  • Vikas Mishra Apr 23, 2008 Link

    Actually I am Staying in Delhi DLF Ankur Vihar, There is not any services for the Internet. So I am thinking About DataCard or GPRS activated Sim
    I want to know which one is more Economical and better. I have decided to Purchase Airtel SiM or Airtel Datacard , I am desperatly waiting for yor valuable advice
    Vikas Mishra

  • deepak Apr 24, 2008 Link

    hi all,
    i bought a data card from a person but the person said he had lost the software to use it .something globetrotter mobility manager can someone plz tell me from where can i get it

  • Jitender Singh May 29, 2008 Link

    Hi All,

    I want to sell my Airtel Data Card and only 6 month old.
    If any one interested just call me at +919899606619 (delhi) or mail me at

    Jitender Singh

  • Ajay Jun 2, 2008 Link

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  • Ajay Jun 2, 2008 Link

    For ur problems relating to “purchase of new Internet Wireless connection” please contact – 9848589075.

  • Pradeep Jun 7, 2008 Link

    I own HTC P3400 handset, but don’t no how to activate GPRS from airtel provider, but, Provider says that airtel live is activated in mobile. plz.. help me out from this issue

  • Venu Jun 9, 2008 Link

    I see that many want to know as to which card is the best. The answer isn’t that simple. Both Airtel and Reliance seem to be good, however the speed in either of these is not that good and is enough only for basic browsing needs.

    Also for those who are looking for the Airtel Data card software i.e. Globetrotter Mobility Manager, the download link is embedded in the post.

  • Vikas Jun 11, 2008 Link

    Hi Venu and all,
    I want to send MMS using my desktop computer using airtel data card. I was wondering if anyone was successful in doing that. Ideally i would like to do that with my own program like in java, C++, C# etc.


  • Ravindra Jul 1, 2008 Link


    i am using HTC P3400 and subscribed for Mobile Office on Airtel but service provider is unable to help in setting up this on my handset.

    can some one help me on this

  • vivek Jul 16, 2008 Link

    i wanna ask which data card is best….??
    i do not have laptop….//
    should i buy data card…..??
    can i get high speed with airtel mobile’s mobile office gprs…..??

  • SEE BSNL DATA CARD IS 100 times Good

  • Soman Jul 20, 2008 Link
    What is Bsnl EVDO? This page describes everything about this cool 3G technology: BSNL EVDO Coverage, News, Tips, Benchmarks, Product Info, Downloads, Vendors, Forums, Antenna Info, EDVO

  • mukesh Aug 9, 2008 Link

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  • Siva Aug 13, 2008 Link

    Thank U.

  • Ashley Oct 7, 2008 Link

    Hello all,
    Nice blog,
    I stay about 35 kms NW of pune, nr a village called urse. Regular telephone conn here sucks! Works about 10 days/mo. So no chance of broadband, not even edge, just gprs
    Tata gave me a demo of their data card and speeds were pathetic. Airtel coverage here is ok. So thats the option I settled for.
    The airtel data card is INR2K+.5K deposite. INR599.00 unlimited plan.
    Airtel helpdesk says it may/could work in Linux, their were very helpful (no official support tho)
    as root or sudo run wvdialconf
    here’s my /etc/wvdial.conf, change the approprioate lines to reflect the same values
    [Dialer Defaults]
    Init1 = ATZ
    Init2 = ATQ0 V1 ; Zero not “o”
    Init3 = AT+CGDCONT=1,””,””
    Username = a
    Password = b
    Baud = 460800 ; all zeros, not “o”
    Auto DNS = 1
    New PPPD = yes
    Dial Command = ATDT
    Phone = *99***1#
    ISDN = 0 ; zero
    Inherits = Modem0 ; Modem Zero
    stupid mode = 1
    FlowControl = Hardware(CRTSCTS)
    hope this helps someone.

  • Surasan Oct 28, 2008 Link

    Any one interst in sellin g used air tel data card
    Please mail me

  • UK Nov 16, 2008 Link

    Hi all,
    I am planning to buy a laptop. My requirement is good speed for surfing and downloading. Which u guys suggest the best? I’m bit confused regarding this. I have airtel broad band connection at home(landline). Even though my connectivity is showing as 100 kbps p/s but when i download it goes to a max of 33 kb p/s. So any way to increase my lanline broadband speed will be great. Please anyone reply…

  • Neha Dec 6, 2008 Link

    Hey ,
    I want to purchase an airtel data card-second hand/used ….do let me know if any1 has any idea where i can go and purchase one ,in Noida.
    My id is

  • Aniket Dec 24, 2008 Link

    I got a Reliance Data card and am cursing myself for it. Reliance has the worst possible customer service!!! Its been 6 days but still my card hasnt been activated inspite of calling them again and again. Please do not buy RELIANCE PRODUCTS!!! They are the biggest thugs of India!!!!

  • miriyala Dec 31, 2008 Link

    The worst data card i ever had … it screwed up my whole india trip….

  • Kanishka Jan 10, 2009 Link

    Hi Guys,

    can any one help me setting the PCMCI “data card”provided by Airtel using GPRS Enabled SIM from Idea (I dont want Airtel Services but Idea) , as I am total frustrated by the kind of download speed I get from Airtel at a very High Premium for unlimited connectivity where as paying a monhly rental of INR 100 is a viable option with Idea GPRS services even if the connection is not lightening fast. I have used the same Idea SIM with GPRS / EDGE with Motorola E6 as an USB modem it connects fine shows 115.2 kbps but again the DL speed is crawling 2-5 kbps however I cant recieve incoming calls when connected to internet.
    So lease help me set the airtel data card to use the IDEA services. If any one has done that please let me know , my mail ID :

    Chao …..Kanishka

  • Vivek Khemka Mar 1, 2009 Link


    As per my advice, do not even think about Airtel Datacard service. Their service is pathetic both in terms of speed compared to other service provider and billing procedure. I had terrible experience and within 9 days of my connection, i had surrendered it. Their daily unbilled amount does not consider your data plan and free transfer limit resulted your service will be deactivated even when you have not reached your free limit.

    Take example of their 350/- rental plan where 500 MB free data transfer is allowed and above that Rs. 5/- per MB. Now say you credit limit is set to Rs. 1200/- and you made a data transfer of 300 MB after the activation. Their system will take is as 300*5 = INR 1500 which means you are above your credit limit and your service will be deactivated until you make payment of INR 1500 or wait for your billing to generate. Their billing system will consider free transfer of 500 MB only at the time of bill generation. So you would never be able to utilize at least your free limit.

    The same is true for Rs. 999 wala plan. You can utilize the internet data transfer till your credit limit and once you reach their credit limit as per their faulty unbilled system, you have to make the advance payment of entire amount to get it reactivated but in reality are required to pay only Rs. 999/- which will be considered only at the time of billing generation.

    Their speed is even poor compared to BSNL/TataIndicom. Being GSM their speed is too slow compared to CDMA provider. The maximum downloading speed is only 20-30 KB though Airtel claim it over 200 KB at the time of connection. If you want to use it for Mobile, then it is good but if you planning to use it on laptop/computer, you need to seriously consider your decision before you waste your money.

    If any one is even considering going for this, i would request them to clarify the issue specifically related to billing system with their customer support executive before they go for this.

  • Raaj Mar 9, 2009 Link

    Hi all,
    After reading this article I am in confusion which data card should I purchase if I am purchasing used card can find well in running position in my place Vijay Nagar Gzb.

    I need to purchase BSNL evdo but this service is not avaible in Gzb can any body help me .

    If any body is selling the airtel well condition card can contact me

    I think for bsnl evdo

    • Jitender Jan 29, 2010 Link

      Hi All,

      I want to sell my Airtel Data Card and only 1.5 year old.
      If any one interested just call me at +919311006619 OR +919899606619 (delhi) or mail me at

      Jitender Singh

  • Shyam Rao Mar 23, 2009 Link

    Airtel customer service sucks big time. They have double billed me on my data card plan in July 2008 and after speaking to them, emailing the nodal officer, receiving threats of legal action, I finally settled the bill amount that they asked for (which I was not responsible for). Now they want more money!!! It never ends. Even after the account is closed they are coming up with new ways to extort me.

  • sunaina Mar 31, 2009 Link

    hello ,
    i am from delhi & i want to buy a data card for my office use but i dont have any knowldege about this so plz let me know which one is better

  • Rahul Jul 2, 2009 Link

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  • JitenderSingh Aug 30, 2009 Link

    Hi All,

    I want to sell my Airtel Data Card and only 1.5 year old.
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    Jitender Singh

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  • Mohan Dec 25, 2009 Link

    I don’t know about the other data cards but don’t ever think of buying Reliance data card which most ever useless card and you end up in very bad experience of your life. Very poor customer service. if at all they are sending a technical person. The technical person will admit that there is some problem with their data card and they don’t ever try to resolve the issue. Even though they know the problem with their data card but they won’t return your money back.

    Please be very careful with any of the reliance products. This is how AMBANI”s are making money by cheating the people getting into the list of FORBES INDIA richest person and world’s top 50 richest person etc. Now I am planning to go for consumser court and I hope I would get some justice there.

  • saran Jan 9, 2010 Link

    I have a 1 month used airtel data card. It is under 11 months warranty. I have broadband at my new home so aint using it anymore. I m willing to sell it for Rs. 2000/-. If anyone interested, do call me at 9976157870
    I am based at chennai rt now.

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    BSNL WiMax

    I had booked for a USB Dongle for Rs.2800 + tax & etc = Rs. 2,912, BSNL has found that the Dongle feasibility for coverage is constraint to 15 mts. Since my house is off limits of that given 15 mts I had to opt for the Indoor WiMax CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). You can access this anywhere and anytime. The cost is Rs. 4,000/- . Monthly payment for both (Dongle & IW CPE) for unlimited usage is Rs. 1,000/- This is 512 kbps instruments.

    As this is my 4th day of usage of this instrument on my online jobs. To check out the speed & coverage capabilities I had used it to do some download & upload of files above 2.12 GB to 19 GB files on Torrent sites & on my job networks.

    The Result is as follows:-

    I think there should be a 6 Green lighted (Normal) or Blue lighted bars (3G) should be there indicating the coverage strength but from the time installed I have only noticed 5 Bars just like mobile signal strength.

    With 5 Bars & 2/3 Bars of signal strength (9:00am to 6:00pm):

    The Speed as in transfer rate with my 512 kbps bandwidth (but shows the speed of 1682 kbps Download & 300 to 600 kbps upload, occasionally on certain servers while working on their site) can vary according to the sites & software’s we download to install for our jobs;

    The speed may come to even the lowest of transfer rate 9 kbps to 30 kbps (I was pulling my hair at that time to see myself in a trial & error mode for BSNL)

    With 5 Bars (Occasionally) & 2/3 Bars (Regularly) of signal strength (6:00pm to 4:45am):

    As evening and night approached I saw the difference in Download & upload speed to be around 61 kbps to almost 464 kbps mostly with 2 or 3 bars of signal strength. Awesome from Our own BSNL. At least I get the work done in 4 or 6 hrs now than the 2 days or odd before with 20 to 40 kbps transfer rate/ packet rate / data transfer.

    There is a consistency of 110 to 259 kbps transfer rate.

    I have heard from a Business person who has taken a 1Mbps bandwidth is enjoying the speed & facilities. He & his wife are going for the high range ones as soon as they are launched the 8Mbps products but ordinaries like us may not be able to afford that too expensive instruments & monthly pay is also too high.

    (Business UL 15000 Plus 2Mbps, 8Mbps Business 15000 with a cap of 125 GB: Home UL 1350 Plus 512 Kbps-affordable)

    This I say only because I had it tested these days only on the difficult sites & from networked servers of Islands & inner lands where the inconsistency in coverage & signal strength is very drastic.

    I thought I should appreciate the government firm with all our drawbacks & the drawbacks we create around us BSNL is trying to mend their flaws & come up with good & cheap services which could be affordable along with some benefits like unlimited usage without any hidden fair usage limits.

    As for Technical Support they have been on call assistance every time I have called them & given right kind of advices & taken time to come to my place & show me why do they say; why some facilities are good or bad. The technical guys whom I have called spoke in understandable English & they can understand you too. They also can understand Hindi & return the favor in broken Hindi & English support.

    Let me help you all by giving certain People to contact for BSNL WiMax truly an unlimited offer with awesome speed.

    These are some of the BSNL members who make our Government firm BSNL a true service provider. They go out of their way to make the customer comfortable with what our country (India) has to offer in the best of the interest of the citizens & foreigners alike; most welcome to our facilities with all our simple ways (since we are after all an upcoming country in many ways with all resources to exploit for our own better existence.)

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    Tel@: +91-484-2363388

    Tech Support Mr. Mahin: 09446594468

    *There are few more Senior Engg Women & Junior Engg to name & provide numbers of who had helped in the same manner but they are designated to an area in this locality so there is no use in mentioning their name & ph #’s here, since they have a much lesser activity field than the mentioned & provided Numbers & Name.
    *If you have a data one Ustar modem which has a inbuilt WiFi router you can connect both Wimax & this modem to configure to get WiFi service at your home or Business area.

  • kallol chatterjee Mar 30, 2010 Link

    please no one should buy airtel data card. it’s just a f…..g shit. it does’nt provide the mentioned speed at all. all fake promises during sell campaign.

  • rekha Apr 7, 2010 Link

    can u tell me all plans available in airtel datacard

  • pramis May 11, 2010 Link

    venukb thank you for good information.

  • sikha May 12, 2010 Link

    I want to Sell out my Airtel Data card at the price of 2500.
    Any body interested

  • pravin May 14, 2010 Link

    I bought Airtel datacard 4 days ago still not activated and I am disappointed to think about when it will be activated.
    I dial to 121 by another cell no. and they all time all guy say to dial 7070 . When i dial 7070 by my prepaid connection of airtel got recorded message this number is not valid.

    Also the guy who are provided the datacard they are not picking the phone.

    Now I am not getting what should i do. After One day I have to go outdoor from delhi to bihar but Still datacard is not activated.

    Pravin Prakash
    Mobile no – 9958322078
    G- 11, Saurabh Vihar
    Jaitpur Road
    Badrpur Border, New Delhi – 44

  • lijo Jul 13, 2010 Link

    Iam desperately in search of driver software for Airtel PCMCIA data card of Micromax make.Model no. 810P. can anybody help me out of this fix. lijo

  • lijo Jul 20, 2010 Link

    Dear Venu,
    iam in possession of an airtel data card but i have lost the driver software.Card’s details are as follows.
    Airtel Data Card
    Micromax Edge Data Card
    Quad-Band : 850\900\1800\1900 MHz
    PCMCIA Interface
    Model No. MMX 610P

    the driver software you have given is of “OPTION” make and it is not working with Micromax . can anybody help me with the above said driver.lijo

  • Vijay Aug 23, 2010 Link

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  • Kumar Aug 26, 2010 Link

    I am also facing the same problem. I have contacted Reliance customer care. But not yet solved. Keep trying.

  • aditya sharma Oct 6, 2010 Link

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  • Vijay Apr 1, 2011 Link

    Please don’t buy AIRTEL 3g.I got bill Rs.9000 for 1.5 GB usage

  • malar Jul 15, 2011 Link

    With increasing dependability over the internet, everyone is looking for the most reliable Broadband internet connection. Airtel Broadband internet connection is the most preferred internet access solution because it is being offered by Bharti Airtel Limited, undisputed leader of telecom sector. Like other services of Bharti group, Airtel Broadband internet connection also offers many extra features being anticipated by the people who trust our capabilities.

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    Bharathi airtel, one of India’s leading telecom service provider has today launched their 3G services in two of Tamilnadu’s major cities Chennai and Coimbatore. FoneArena was present at the launch event today. Cinestar and Airtel’s Brand Ambassador Karthi Shivakumar was present at the event, and was one of the first persons to try out Airtel’s 3G video calling. Mr. Atul Bindal, President-Mobile Services and Vineet Taneja, Operations Director (South) mentioned about some of companies services that could take complete advantage of their 3G network.

  • Akshar Aug 29, 2011 Link

    Hi all, I have a strange & serious problem. I have got a new BSNL EV-DO data card for my laptop. My laptop configuration is 1.5 GB RAM, Intel dual core processor. I have got Windows XP OS. I have installed the driver for the EV-DO card which is provided by ZTE. Once I start the net and while browsing in Mozilla firefox within 5 minutes the net gets disconnected and I will not be able to connect it back & also I am not able to safely eject the data card. The audio will also not work. Again i need to restart the system and again after 5 minutes of connectivity the net gets disconnected. Can anyone plz suggest me some permanent solution for this. I saw this problem while using MTS data card also.This problem happened in Internet explorer also

  • The Airtel Data Card, you have the freedom to access the internet anytime, anywhere across the Pan Indian Airtel Network. Not just that, you can also avail of this service as you roam internationally.

  • mahjabin Oct 27, 2011 Link

    hi… i recharged my data card with the DOUBLE OFFER … (RS.654/- for 3GB) … but i can able to access only 1.5GB …. why?! what is the reason for that?! ! I need more than 3GB per month for my official use…. Is there any other good plan?

  • Naveen Kumar P Nov 28, 2011 Link

    Hi Friend,
    Currently I have a airtel 3g datacard from Huawei. This datacard is now being operated with 3G sim. Could you please let me know whether i can also use the same datacard with airtel 2G sim card. This data card is unlocked. In short I wanted to know whether 3G datacards will be compatible with 2G also or they will work only with 3G.
    Thanks in Advance
    Naveen Kumar…

  • We plan to spread coverage rapidly in the coming quarters. Bharti airtel, India’s leading telecommunications company, today announced the commercial launch of its 3G services in the cities of Chennai. Airtel would offer services like video call, live streaming of Video, high speed internet, mobile TV entertainment, go video on social networking etc in Chennai through 3G technology. Airtel users can avail the services through existing sim cards. Bharti Airtel, the country’s largest telecom operator by subscriber base launched international video calling service for its 3G customers in the country.

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  • Rinku Mittal Jun 18, 2012 Link

    I have taken one Airtel Data card No – 9560011369
    Before purchase – I asked to check the speed my home location. But while selling the product Mr Neeraj & Priyanka assured me that Speed will come as 7.2 mbps in 3G. But I am getting only 238 kbps.
    Now Range is not coming. I have requested so many times to Airtel – Now they are not picking my phone also.
    I am requesting u to pls take my data card back. I will take the service from other.

    Pls help me out.

    Rinku Mittal

  • sadanandrana Jul 6, 2012 Link


  • sadanandrana Jul 6, 2012 Link

    sadanand rana
    Hi friends
    Currently.I have a airtel 3g data card from huawei.This data card is unlockin short i wanted to know whether 3g datacards will be compatible with 2g also or they will works only with 3g

    Thank in advance
    sadanand rana

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  • You can certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write.
    The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such
    as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  • Lavanya Sethi Feb 9, 2013 Link

    I have recently bought an airtel 3G dongle and I have been harrased to the extreme point with pathetic speeds. At times it stops downloading and automatically disconnets thereafter refusing to connects for hours and sometimes even for a while day !!
    Customer Care number: 1800 103 0405 is a bogus number. It doesn’t work and after select options 1 (for airtel 3 dongle support), 2 (for english), 1 (for postpaid) it just disconnects.
    I am fed up and with the services and will be taking appropriate action in a few days. Also it has billed me for 5000 + INR when my credit limit itself is lower than 2500 INR. and i find no justification to the billed amount!
    Please, i urge all consumers not to subscribe to airtel 3G services!
    I have even filed a complaint against them on their site as well as here, at Consumer Court site but so far no action has been taken on this case.I hope i will get the proper solution of my complaint very soon.