Google Reader in GMail (Another Greasemonkey script)

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Google Reader, the online RSS reader from Google had a major upgrade some time back. Check this post to know more about Google Reader.

Mihai Parparita, one of the lead developer of Google Reader has written a Greasemonkey Script to add Reader into GMail. The script added a “Feeds” link within GMail as shown below:

Winston has written another Greasemonkey script to integrate Reader into GMail. Some of the new features are:

  • Spilt-window view of GMail and Reader on a single page – I definitely didn’t like this layout, its just not fit for widescreen monitors I guess.
  • Links to collapse|expand either GMail or Reader – GMail and Reader are shown in a split pane and this can be collapsed and expanded.
  • Integrated Reader uses start-page as specified in Reader’s “Settings”
  • Labels selector – You can view the feeds based on the labels in Reader
  • Key ‘v’ to open Reader links in a new Window
  • Automatic resize of GMail and Reader views


Requirements to Install the Script

  1. Firefox
  2. Greasemonkey
  3. Winstons Script (Reader in GMail)

Alternatively, you can also try out Mihai’s script here.