The Last Legion

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Check out the trailer of The Last Legion starring Aishwarya Rai !

I never knew till now that she was starring in a Hollywood movie. If you saw the trailer completely one thing that you will notice immediately is the dialogue delivery by Aishwarya Rai ! Sounds pathetic !  Doesn’t it ?

This is the comment left on IMDB by a viewer who saw an early preview of this movie:

I saw an early screening of this movie. I went because I think Ben Kinglsey is a great actor so I thought it would b a great movie. I was dead wrong. My 2 friends as well as my brother and sister laughed throughout this whole movie because it was very poorly done. It might be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Honestly, it is hard to ruin a movie that takes place during the Roman empire and the director somehow found a way to do it. The plot establishment is poor, you are left confused about many issues that never become readdressed and visually it looks too much like LOTR. I left this movie very disappointed but laughing due to how bad it was. My friend and I still laugh when we think about some of the horrible lines that were written into this movie. By the way, I was asked to stay in the focus group at the end because I put the movie was fair at best but I was sent home because too many people put fair and they didn’t need me to explain why also. All in all, do not see this movie, save yourself the time and the money.

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  • prabhath Jul 13, 2007 Link

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