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In most of the browsers, toolbars take a lot of space on the display. You can either remove/hide the toolbars or switch to Full Screen Mode.

In the latest version of Firefox (Version 2.0) the Full Screen mode will display only the Navigation Toolbar. However you are forced to switch back to the normal view if you want to access features in other hidden toolbars.

AutoHide is a nice little Firefox Extension which gives you more control of the browser in full screen mode.

Using the extension customization dialog, you can configure “Autohide” setting for individual toolbars. The plugin is intelligent in the sense that when you install a new toolbar, it will automatically show up in the configuration dialog.

The best option I liked was the “Show Status Bar on Activity“. With this option you could make the web page occupy the entire screen(100%) and also get a feedback when there is some activity in the browser (i.e. page load/refresh etc).

One more plugin added to my favorite Firefox Extensions List 🙂

[Via LifeHacker]

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  • Shivaranjan Nov 29, 2006 Link

    That would be really very helpful for a guy like me. 😀

  • Vasuki Nov 29, 2006 Link

    I found two other cool firefox addons:
    1) Mouseless browsing – You will love it if you are a keyboard freak like me!

    2) Google Preview

  • Venu Nov 29, 2006 Link

    Especially for widescreen monitors, Autohide is a must-have extension 🙂

  • Venu Dec 3, 2006 Link

    Vasu, your comment was lying in the Akismet Spam box, wonder why ?

    Anway checked out the Mouseless browsing extension, liked it very much; again if the options are not properly configured, the page with lot of links will look messy.

    I didn’t findGoogle Preview that useful, the preview is too small and I would probably use Browster or CoolIris.. 🙂