Snap – Add preview to your website

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Snap is a search portal which shows a image preview for each search result. Unfortunately the search engine is not that great, it would have been nice if the they had used the Google search engine to show the search results 🙂

However they have another service called Snap Preview Anywhere which I liked very much. It lets the site owners to add a “snap” preview to all the links in their website. By rolling over any link, the user gets a visual preview of the site

The links pointing to the site itself (internal links) are automatically detected by Snap script and it doesn’t show up in the Snap Preview. The service is free and its pretty easy to integrate into the website. Rollover this link to see Snap Preview in Action !

On the downside, the preview image is kind of small and it would have been nice if I could configure the preview image size.

Fore more info on Snap Preview Anywhere checkout the FAQ and the Official Snap Blog

Browster and CoolIris are similar services; However they integrate with your browser and they load the entire web page in the preview screen unlike Snap.