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Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.

With the Flickr Free account you get:

  • 20 MB monthly upload limit
  • 3 photosets
  • Photostream views limited to the 200 most recent images
  • Storage of smaller (resized) images

After doing a lot of thinking I finally decided to go for the Flickr Pro Account ! This is what you’ll get with a Flickr Pro Account

  • 2 GB monthly upload limit
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited photosets
  • Permanent archiving of high-resolution original images
  • The ability to replace a photo
  • Ad-free browsing and sharing

Factors that made me think

  1. It costs 24.95$ for a 1 Year Flickr Pro Account.
  2. Yahoo customer support sucks big time, my old yahoo account is still locked and my buddies are getting spam mail from that ID. Flickr account is linked with the yahoo account and if something similar happens, your Flickr account is also compromised.
  3. There are lots of other services(Yahoo Photos,Webshots,Riya etc) where I can upload the photos for free !

Factors that made me go for the Pro Account

  1. I pay 20$ for my “unlimited” broadband access; why not pay 2$/month to store my photos (Yup the 2$ Yahoo marketing did work on me 😀 )
  2. There might be lot of other photo sharing services but Flickr is unique and has a powerful photo organizing and tagging feature.
  3. I have almost 3.5GB of photos and I don’t know when my hard disk will crash. Though you can backup the photos, its a pain to do the “incremental” backup !
  4. Permanent archiving of high-resolution original images
  5. Unlimited storage

How many of you use FlickrPro ? If not, how do you manage/backup/organize your photo collection ?

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  • Thilak Dec 11, 2006 Link

    I just saw last night that you had a Flickr Pro account. I badly need one, but the problem is that I have money in PayPal, but can’t get it verified (I don’t have a credit card yet)

    I need to work out something

  • Venu Dec 11, 2006 Link

    This page has some information related to payments

    This is one option given

    When you pay directly with a credit card via PayPal, the transaction should be virtually instantaneous, but if you decide to use PayPal’s eCheck system, those transactions can take several business days to go through, depending on where your bank account is located.

  • Thilak Dec 11, 2006 Link

    I have money in my PayPal account, but they won’t accept unverified PayPal payments 🙁