Xgl working on Suse

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I finally got Xgl working on SuSE. I struggled for 2 days to set this up and finally a comment left by a reader(Mahesh) on my earlier post helped me to resolve the problem !

So what was the problem ?

Compiz was not installed properly ! Gnome Control Center showed the Desktop Effects tool (confirming that Compiz is installed), however when I opened the Gnome configuration editor (gnome-editor) I couldn’t find Compiz under the apps.

So I removed Compiz which was installed from software.opensuse.org and installed the one which was available on the SuSE 10.1 DVD.

There were a couple of other configuration I did as per the instructions in this post:


The article may seem specific to NVidia Graphics card, however the same can be used for ATI Graphics card as well. If you have a ATI Graphics card refer to this article to setup the Fglrx driver !

So was it worth the time I spent setting it up ?

Absolutely yes ! I setup Xgl on both Gnome and KDE and it works better on KDE. I thought the effects in Vista were cool ! However Xgl effects are ultra-cool. See these photos to believe it 🙂

I have uploaded a few more photos here:


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  • Mahesh Dec 8, 2006 Link

    coool… so u got it working! good…
    all effects working?
    u wud hav taken screenshots after putting few gDesklets on your screen to make it look more colorful 🙂
    anyway..2day I will try suse 10.2 and xgl/compiz and check if its worth moving towards latest gnome/kde with xgl.

    BR\ Mahesh. P

  • Venu Dec 8, 2006 Link

    Yup .. all the effects are working 🙂
    gDesklets ! Now you should know that I am a linux newbie, I see its a “konfubulator” for linux..will try it out..

    Shifting to 10.2 !! I heard that the ATI drivers are not there for the X.Org 7.2 which is the base version on Suse 10.2. So you will miss Xgl 🙂