WP Tiger Admin 3.0

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WordPress is truly a great publishing platform. It is written completely in PHP and is backed by a MySQL database.

The true power of WordPress lies in the extensible plugin architecture. Also you can change the look and feel just by a click !

However the Admin interface of WordPress has always looked dull and there were various plugins to spruce up the UI.

One such widely used plugin was the WP Tiger Administration Plugin from Steve Smith.

I had tried the old version of this plugin and was not that impressed. Some of the pages especially the “Write Post” were not appearing properly even in Firefox

Steve has done a complete redesign of the plugin and has released Tiger Admin version 3. It boasts a more streamlined design(OS X style) and better plugin compatibility.

I installed the plugin and I was totally impressed with the new look and feel. Thanks Steve !

A picture is worth a thousand words. Check this snapshot 🙂

Matt should definitely consider adding this to the WordPress.com plugin list !

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