Linux vs Windows


Sorry if you are mislead by the title. Check this image. (Click for the enlarged image)

Suse Linux

Also this happens to be my new wallpaper on SuSE. I found this image in one of the Novell’s CoolSolution Article.

I just couldn’t stop laughing for some time 🙂 Notice that stare given by the Penguin 🙂

Now for the important question ! Will the Penguin “catch” the Butterfly or will it “fail” ?

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  • Shivaranjan Dec 15, 2006 Link

    I guess it will catch the butterfly soon. 😀

  • Harish Dec 15, 2006 Link

    Awesome image!!

  • Venu Dec 15, 2006 Link

    Haha.. I also guess so..
    However I see more comments logged in from Windows rather than Linux.. Still a long way to go I guess 🙂

  • Shivaranjan Dec 15, 2006 Link

    lolz…. you are right… 😀

  • Harish Dec 16, 2006 Link

    Awesome image!! The butterfly might get swatted sooner than you know 😀

  • Venu Dec 16, 2006 Link

    Ah there i see one comment from Ubuntu…:)

  • Hemant Apr 1, 2010 Link

    yes soon all will start useing linux. what you think to buy windows and then spend more thousand rupees on other releated software. like office,antivirus, Etc…..,


  • Willem Jul 24, 2010 Link

    I’ve been using Ubuntu for over 4 years now. No Windows on this PC so haven’t seen the butterfly for some time 😀